My Current iPhone Apps

I have had an iPhone now for a couple of years. This is one gadget I have not grown tired of. I still love it. It is really an engineering marvel.

iPhone Apps

The App Store makes the phone almost infinitely extensible. It seems there is an app for everything you can think of—and many you would not have imagined. (This is precisely why I think the iPad is going to be a hit. But I digress.)

The problem is that if you aren’t careful, the number of apps on your phone can become unwieldily. In fact, this is my only real complaint with the iPhone right now. Apple needs to develop a better way to keep my apps organized.

Today, I had finally had enough. I had downloaded 102 applications. I kid you not. Most of them were free. And, as it turned out, I was using very few of them on a weekly, let alone daily, basis. I decided to reduce the clutter, and deactivate all the ones I am not using.

Not counting the ones that come pre-installed on the iPhone, I have thirteen applications installed. I thought I would share the ones I have found most useful and then ask you about the ones you like.

Application Price
iPhone App - Amazon Mobile Amazon Mobile: This is a simple storefront to the Amazon store. You can search, read reviews, add items to your wish list, and make purchases with one click. It is especially convenient at social events. If someone mentions a book, you can look it up and order it without even adding it to your to-do list. Free
iPhone App - Analytics Pro Analytics Pro: If you run a Web site or have an active blog, this provides full-blown access to Google Analytics in the palm of your hand. The interface is elegant. This is one application that I actually like better on the iPhone than on the Web. $6.99
iPhone App - CalenGoo CalenGoo: Donald Miller first told me about this iPhone app. I started using Google calendar and couldn’t figure out an easy way to view my calendar with my iPhone. This makes it a snap. It has daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. It has completely replaced the native iPhone calendar for me. $6.99
iPhone App - Evernote Evernote: I use Evernote on the desktop. It is like a digital file cabinet. I can enter a random note, take snapshot of something I want to remember (e.g., a business card or wine bottle), and even record a voice memo. It is my augmented brain. It also syncs with my desktop version via the Web. Free
iPhone App - Facebook Facebook: This is another iPhone app that I like better than the desktop version. It is super simple to use. I find the interface more intuitive and less cluttered than the Web version. As a result, I find myself checking Facebook more when I am traveling than when at home. Free
iPhone App - GoDaddy GoDaddy: I use GoDaddy to manage all my domains. There are probably better alternatives, but I have everything stored here, and it is difficult to think about migrating them. I find it especially useful when I want to search for a domain or purchase one. Free
iPhone App - Hootsuite HootSuite: I think I have tried every Twitter client available for the iPhone. This one is far and away my favorite. It syncs seamlessly with the desktop or Web versions of HootSuite. I have the same columns on all versions, making it easy to keep up with conversations and respond. $2.99
iPhone App - Kindle Kindle: I am actually surprised that I use this little app as much as I do. Reading a book on the iPhone is easier than you think. I find myself using this when sitting at the dentist’s office, on an airplane, or even standing in line. Best of all, it syncs the last page you read to, so that you can pick up where you left off on your actual Kindle. Free
iPhone App - Things Things: Things is the Mac app I use exclusively to manage my to-do list. I think I have tried just about all of them. This is by far the easiest and most intuitive. It also syncs up with the desktop version. My only complaint is that it syncs up via wireless and both the desktop and the iPhone app have to be running on the same network. $9.99
iPhone App - TwitVid TwitVid: This is a great little app for shooting short videos and posting them to Twitter with a minimum amount of fuss. You can also grab a video you have already shot. Either way, it turns a multi-step shuffle into a few clicks. Free
iPhone App - WorldMate WorldMate Gold: I use this program to manage my travel agenda. My assistant is able to plug in everything related to my trips: flights, car rentals, hotels, etc. If she updates something, it automatically changes on my iPhone. The app updates flight information an d delays automatically. It also displays the weather in the city I am visiting. $14.99
iPhone App - Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal: This is where I go first when I need a news fix. (I also have my Google Reader page saved for RSS feeds.) While the app is free, you have to have a subscription to the Journal to use it. It is a very slick interface. They have done a great job adapting their content to this delivery format. Free
iPhone App - YouVersion YouVersion: This is the Bible I carry with me. It is produced by I can’t believe they give it away. It even has my favorite translation, the New King James Version, which we publish at Thomas Nelson. They have 40 others available also. Free

I am sure I will continue to experiment with new apps. The challenge will be to keep my list at a manageable level.

Questions: What about you? What are your favorite iPhone apps?

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