My Daily Reading List

I read a lot. Books, magazines, blogs, and especially the Web versions of newspapers. I spend about two hours a day reading. That’s not as much as it sounds. I read for forty-five minutes in the morning and then for an hour while I am running. (Technically, I guess, this isn’t reading. I listen to books on my iPod, thanks to


I am often asked what is on my daily reading list. First, there are several things I read via my Web browser. These are things I don’t like to read via an RSS feed. They include:

By the way, these are all stored in a Safari Bookmarks Bar in a subfolder called “!Daily.” The exclamation sign insures that it sorts first in the list. When I am ready to plow through my daily reading, I click on the list and select “Open in Tabs.” Each URL is then opened in a Safari tab.

Daily Reading List

You can do a similar thing in Firefox (available in Mac or Windows flavors) or even Internet Explorer 7.0 or Maxthon if you you are still chained to Windows.

I spend no more than 30 minutes on this reading list. I force myself to read fast. Sometimes, I can do it in 20 minutes. If an article looks like it will take longer, I save it in a “Research” folder for reading later.

When I finish my Web list, I go to my list of RSS feeds. I use a program on the Mac called endo (yes, no initial cap). It is made by the same people who did ecto, the blogging software that allows me to write my posts offline. I highly recommend both programs.

There are scores of news readers available. NetNewsWire is another popular one for the Mac. I don’t have any experience with Windows news readers, so I’m afraid I can’t be much help. However, I did find an article on that will get you started.

In the screenshot below, you can see some of my categories:


I track about 60 feeds, but here are some of the more interesting feeds:

What’s on your daily reading list? Use the comments section below to share some of your favorites.

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