My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps and How I Use Them

As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought an iPad Mini and am loving it. It goes with me everywhere. It is what I think the iPad should have been from the start.

Since writing that post, I have been asked numerous times about which iPad applications I use. I thought I’d share here my top ten favorites. These are the applications I am using daily.

  1. Nozbe: This is my task management program. I am running the new beta version, and it’s beautiful. (It should be available in the App store soon.) It is fully GTD-compliant and is a joy to use. In a word, it is my “command center.” It keeps me organized and on-task.
  2. Clever HD: I live in Evernote. It has enabled me to go almost completely paperless. It is my virtual filing cabinet. However, I am not crazy about the recent interface changes. I feel like I lost a lot of functionality. Clever HD is an alternative interface that directly accesses my Evernote database and does exactly what I wish Evernote did.
  3. Agenda Calendar: This is an alternative to the native iOS Calendar application. I like its simple and elegant interface much better. It is just more intuitive to me. (I also use it on my iPhone.) It connects directly to Google Calendar, which is what I use to manage my appointments.
  4. Mail: This is the native iOS application. It does everything I need. I have been especially pleased with the recent upgrade, including the VIP feature. For processing lots of e-mail, I still prefer the desktop version, as I use a lot of AppleScripts and Mail rules. But for checking on the go, this does the trick.
  5. 1Password: I also use this app on all my devices to manage login information, passwords, and software licenses. I sync via Dropbox, so the same database is available everywhere on every device. This is one of the first apps I install on any new device.
  6. DropBox: When I first started using this app, I did so to be able to share documents with other people. Now I use it to ensure that all my documents are available on every device I own. In fact, my entire Documents folder is under DropBox. (It also makes for a great supplemental backup solution.)
  7. Moleskine Journal: When I first got my Mini several weeks ago, I tried virtually every notebook app available for the iPad. There are some great options available. I finally settled on this one. I like the way it handles my handwriting (e.g., “wrist guard”) and syncs with Evernote.
  8. Mr. Reader: This is what I use to read my RSS subscriptions on the go. It’s my favorite RSS client. I only wish it were available on my desktop. (I use Google Reader, which I like too. This is just a slicker interface.) I especially like the way it integrates with Buffer.
  9. Kindle: I bought my iPad Mini primarily as an e-book reader. I can highlight passages, take notes, and access both of these in the cloud. For social reading, I use BookShout, which is also a terrific e-reader app.
  10. HootSuite: I use this device on every device to manage my Twitter account. It’s a huge timesaver. It also has the ability to manage my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, but I usually use the native apps for that. HootSuite allows me to separate my followers into various columns. I track direct messages, mentions, family, friends, thought leaders, etc.

Honestly, with 275,000 applications on the iPad, you have plenty to choose from. I am discovering new ones each week. I only wish Apple had a way that you could “try before you buy,” since you never really know what you are getting until you try it for yourself.

Question: What are your favorite iPad apps?