What You Need to Nail Your Goals in 2014

Unless you’re banking on blind luck, goals are essential to your success. But having goals doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, most people I know have several significant dreams and aspirations but struggle to see them realized. Why?

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, Video #2

As a business executive, corporate consultant, speaker, and mentor, I’ve seen traditional goal-setting fail time and again in the face of demanding schedules and competing priorities.

We all battle the tyranny of the urgent, lose track of the milestones, get fuzzy on the desired outcome, and lose heart when we hit obstacles. I bet you can probably think of several goals you set in 2013 that are no closer to reality now than when you first hatched them.

Don’t resign yourself to failure. It’s not inevitable. Throughout my thirty-year career I’ve coached countless people toward success through these sorts of challenges, and I want to share my system with you.

I’ve created a free, three-part video series to help you get past the obstacles and achieve your goals in 2014. I believe success is possible if you follow this simple but proven system.

You can start watching here.

In the first video I talked about harnessing the emotional power of goal-setting. Now, in the second video, I talk about:

  • How to take your dreams out of the clouds and make them doable
  • Why you don’t need more time to realize your goals—just the right intention and strategy
  • What can happen in your marriage, career, health, and personal development when you fail to plan for specific outcomes
  • The six ways we rob our goals of effectiveness
  • What the anatomy of a successful goal looks like
  • The power of specificity, measurability, and deadlines

2014 can be just like 2013 if you choose. But do you really want to look in the mirror for the next 365 days knowing that you’re not making progress in life?

If you’re like me, no way.

The good news is that nailing your goals in 2014 is as simple as setting the right kind of goals starting today. And that’s exactly what this video meant to show you. Feel free to watch and share with your friends.

Once you’ve clicked over and watched the video, I would encourage you join the conversation and leave a comment underneath the video with a goal you want to achieve in 2014—but not just any goal. Try to make sure it fits the criteria I share in the video.

To get things started, I’m including one of my own.

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