NSA Drops the Platform Name: My Response

As you may know, a few weeks ago the National Speakers Association (NSA) announced it was changing its name to ‟Platform.” Many of you were, understandably, upset. Many of you were also vocal in your opposition. Your support meant more than you know to me.

However, I am pleased to report the matter has been resolved. Shep Hyken, the NSA board president, called me last night. He told me the NSA board had held an emergency meeting and voted to drop the name and go back to the drawing board. He also apologized to me for any stress this may have caused me or the people in our community.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Some of you wanted a faster resolution, I know. But, having led non-profit boards myself, I know it takes a while to process the input, get everyone aligned, and make a decision. Releatively speaking, this was a very fast decision.

The real test of leadership is not in whether you make mistakes. They are inevitable. I’ve certainly made my share. The real test is in what you do about them once they happen.

This is a good example of an organization that stumbled but then had the integrity to reverse their decision once they processed all the relevant input. This is extremely rare among individuals, let alone organizations. I salute them for their leadership.

If you publicly expressed your frustration with the NSA’s orginal announcement, please publicly express your approval of this one. (You can email them here.) I want to do everything I can to affirm this decision and support them in their quest to find a new brand that expresses who they are and resonates with their members.

Thanks again for your support.