October’s Top Ten Posts

This morning, I was reviewing my traffic statistics for the month of October. Based on the data from my Google Analytics account, here were my top, most-read posts. It is interesting that only half of these were new posts written during the month. The remainder came from my archives.

Top Ten Numbers

These are arranged in descending order, based on number of page views:

  1. Should You Consider Self-Publishing? This is the controversial announcement about WestBow Press, Thomas Nelson’s new self-publishing or subsidy publishing initiative.
  2. Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors This is the Web’s only complete list of literary agents who represent Christians authors. I update it regularly.
  3. Fix for Wireless Connection Problems on the MacBook Pro This is a fairly technical article I wrote about how to fix a problem that some Mac’s have. Evidently, people continue to experience this.
  4. Creating a Life Plan This is a how-to post that takes you step-by-step through the important process of creating a life plan.
  5. eBook: Writing a Winning Book Proposal This post simply describes my very popular eBook for new writers. If you are thinking about getting published, this is the place you should start.
  6. What It Takes to Become a Master Writer This is a guest post from Mary DeMuth. She tells it like it is. This post drew a surprising amount of traffic and comments.
  7. Five Characteristics of Weak Leaders This is a post I wrote last week about Civil War General George B. McClennan. He was described in the book, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin.
  8. My Take on the Vibram Five Finger Running Shoes This is the post I wrote about those crazy looking, barefoot running shoes that are now all the rage.
  9. Religion—In the Worst Sense of the Word This is the video about Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, NC. It would indeed be amazing if you could find any grace here.
  10. Advice to First-Time Authors This is a post that I wrote in response to the scores of emails I received from people wanting to break into publishing. This post represents my best advice for getting started

By the way, as a blogger, this list is a good reminder that you probably have a lot of great content sitting in your archives. However, unless you have a strategy for bringing that to the forefront of your readers’ attention, it will basically disappear. I use Twitter to post daily a link to something I have written previously that I think is noteworthy.

Question: Were there any posts you particularly enjoyed that didn’t make it into the top ten list?

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