One Platform Metric You Can’t Afford to Ignore [Free Webinar]

Okay, pop quiz: To be a successful blogger and platform-builder, what ONE metric should you NEVER ignore?

You might assume it’s unique visitors, social media followers, or comments. Sure, those things matter—at some level. But …

If you’re serious about monetizing your blog and making a big impact, nothing will help you on your way to success faster than this:

The size of your email list.

I know from experience: 90 percent of my income comes from my email list. It’s how I’ve built a multi-million dollar business.

But that’s not even the most important reason.

You need a bigger list if you want more influence and more impact.

This is where most platform-builders get stuck. They aren’t sure why an email list is so important, and they don’t understand how to grow it.

To that end, I’m hosting a FREE webinar next week. It’s called “My Secret Formula for Building a Massive Email List.” I can’t wait to share it with you.

In this one-hour, information-packed session, I will provide step-by-step instructions for growing your most important online asset. I will explain how I went from 2,771 email subscribers to 115,000 in just three years.

To make sure everyone could attend, I scheduled two sessions: the first, a live webinar on Monday night; the second, the recorded webinar on Tuesday afternoon.

Monday’s webinar is now completely full. However, we still have a few hundred seats left for Tuesday’s—but they will go fast.

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In this webinar, I’ll teach you:

  • The six reasons you need an email list—especially if you are thinking about going pro.

  • Exactly how to install an email subscription form on your site, so you can begin collecting names now. I will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

  • What information you should be collecting and how this directly impacts your conversion rate (number of people signing up).

  • The five best places on your site to ask people to subscribe. Most people are using only one or, at the most, two.

  • Simple, quick ideas for creating opt-in incentives your readers can’t resist. No, an ebook is not the best option. I’ll explain how you can create a more compelling alternative even faster.

  • Which email list management service I use and why. Not all services are created equal. Some are a nightmare and will leave you stranded in technological purgatory.

  • Seven mistakes bloggers make in list-building and how to avoid them.

Does that sounds like information you could use to grow your blog? Register now and join us on Tuesday.

Register Now for This Free Webinar!

If you’re not turning blog visitors into email subscribers, you’re missing out on a critical strategy for growing your business and creating more impact on the world.

I learned this the hard way. (You can read more about that here in this post.)

Let me show you how to avoid the mistakes I made. Register now for my free webinar before all the seats are gone!

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