"Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability." -Roy L. Smith
“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” -Roy L. Smith

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Why Giving Thanks Gives You an Edge

One Simple and Proven Reason Gratitude is the Winning Attitude

Duke University’s Mike Krzyzewski is the winningest coach in college basketball. His players have won over a thousand games and five national championships. And I know his secret.

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Before their 2015 tournament, Coach K and his players and coaches wrote the names of people who had helped them on a ball. They took it with them everywhere they went.

“Players started carrying the ball around—to team meals, on the plane, at practices, in the locker room,” Coach K told Success magazine. “Some of the guys even slept with it—had it right there with them in their rooms.”

If Your Life Were a Game, What Would the Score Be?

Take My Free 10-Minute LifeScore™ Assessment and Find Out

You’ve no doubt heard the business adage, “What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.” It’s certainly true in business, sports, and science, but what about life?


What if you could measure yourself in the areas that matter most—so that you can improve? What if you could get an overall score for your life, take it to the next level, and create the life you want?

Well, now you can.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life [Podcast S06E03]

It’s Not What Happens to You But How You Interpret What Happens to You

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 3 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss how we can take control of our lives by taking contour of our stories.

Episode 3

The stories we tell ourselves about what has happened to us shape our lives. But are we aware that we have the power to interpret those stories in ways that help rather than hinder us? Many people aren’t, but today we explain how we can take control of our stories—and our lives.

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Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself. -Pat Conroy

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How to Maximize Your Conversations This Holiday Season

9 Questions You and Your Family Can Ask Around the Table

We are almost in the holiday season, and that means a lot of great things: fun memories, good food, and more. But it also means a few challenges.


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You know one of my big ones? Let’s visit the Honest Planet for a minute. It’s awkward conversations.

You probably know what I mean. With all the parties and get-togethers, there’s almost no way to avoid those dead-end discussions, off-the-wall observations, and random rabbit trails that leave you feeling like you need to leave early, is there?

Your Guide to Greatness [Podcast S06E02]

How to Live Your Dreams and Leave a Legacy

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 2 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and I talk with Lewis Howes about living our dreams and leaving a legacy.

Episode 2

What is greatness? Lewis Howes defines it in his new book, The School of Greatness. Today he sits down with Michele and I to share how vision, adversity, and persistence can add up to success in our lives.

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"The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read." -Mark Twain

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One Person No Leader Can Afford to Exclude

3 Reasons to Include The Spouses of Our Team Members

Last week I took my entire team on a Caribbean cruise to mark a major accomplishment. Celebrating success is something I really believe in.


Michael Hyatt & Company Team – 2015 Cruise. Photo courtesy of Chris Niemeyer

Family is also something I really believe in—and that’s why we included not only our employees and key contractors, but also their spouses on the trip.

That meant accommodating more than thirty people, but I wouldn’t have missed the chance. It was the perfect opportunity to strengthen the team and recognize the people that make it all possible.

The Transformative Power of Suffering [Podcast S06E01]

Michele’s Journey Through Cancer

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 1 of the This Is Your Life podcast. My regular cohost, Michele Cushatt, is back after a harrowing battle with cancer. And in this first episode of the new season, we’re discussing the transformative power of suffering.


“Nobody wants to talk about suffering, but it is invaluable.” So says Michele Cushatt on her return to This Is Your Life. In discussing her journey through cancer, Michele distills three key takeaways any listener can use to prepare for, get through, and benefit from a challenging turn of events.

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The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. – Lin Yutang

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