What Most People Get Wrong About Inbox Zero

And How to Keep It from Making Your Email Problems Worse

Email is indispensable. But it can feel like a necessary evil for a lot of us. Our inboxes are flooded with information and requests from customers, clients, coworkers, friends, and family. Not to mention all the spam, BACN, and random junk.

I’ve seen inboxes with tens of thousands of emails—hundreds, even thousands unread. People feel like they’re buried, behind, and can never catch up.

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The show will be happening live every Monday at 7:00 pm CST and will be simulcast to Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope.

This week, I’ll be interviewing my very first guest and good friend Andy Andrews about his new book, The Little Things.

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Three Evernote Alternatives and How They Stack Up

My Take on Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote, and Bear

I’ve been using Evernote almost a decade now. The program was still in private beta when I started. Since 2008, it’s become my digital brain.

In the past, I used binders or file cabinets to store project papers, research, contracts, even paper-napkin brainstorms. Now all that goes in Evernote. Organization, retrieval, and sharing are easy. And the more I use it, the more useful it becomes.

Whether for personal or professional use, I’ve been almost entirely paperless for years now. But Evernote is imperfect. And for me every application is on a permanent job interview.

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Discover Your Productivity Score and How to Improve It

How productive are you? I wanted a way to help people answer that question, so a while back I designed a productivity self-assessment. I’m excited to report that more than 12,000 people have already used it!

If you want directions to a desired destination, you need at least two pieces of information: the end point and the start point. Apps like Waze or Google Maps make it easy because they automatically know our current location. But when it comes to your productivity, how do you know where you really stand?

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How to Defuse the Worry Bomb and Stay Productive

Tony Robbins’ New Book Kicks Fear to the Curb and Empowers Us to Act

I read a story last week about workplace productivity in decline after the election. Employees are struggling to stay focused on their work. Why?

Anxiety. The American Psychological Association conducts regular polls to track stress levels and causes. The most recent poll found a majority of us are worried about the future of the country.

The Crazy Way We Work [Infographic]

Stats on our Productivity Power Struggle in a Fast-Paced World

When I think of one word to describe contemporary work habits, it’s unsustainable. We’re working drastically longer hours, while incurring high physical and emotional costs, for only marginal gains in productivity. We created this infographic to illustrate some interesting (and surprising) stats on our struggle with productivity in the modern workplace.

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The Surprising Power of Daily Rituals

5 Ways They Can Set You up for Success

To some people, ritual is a bad word. Many folks recoil at the religious association, even though most rituals aren’t religious. For others, the thought of following set, predetermined actions makes them feel boxed in.

But rituals are inescapable. We are creatures of memory and habit. The only question is whether our rituals are intentional and useful or mindless and counterproductive.

The Major Danger of Confusing Projects and Goals

3 Ways to Tell the Difference and Stay Motivated with What Matters Most

When it comes to setting personal or professional goals, how do you determine what makes your list? We’re often tempted to commit to important or urgent tasks that have been nagging us for a while. But that’s a mistake.

A woman in our 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever private Facebook group faced this problem. One of the goals she set this year was getting her accounting caught up. She knew it had to be done, but she struggled to stay motivated.