The Danger in Dirty Words [Podcast S05E06]

Why Public Profanity Is Bad for Your Bottom Line

Welcome to Season 5, Episode 6 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss how foul language could be fouling up your business.


We’ve all heard business leaders, coaches, and speakers who’ve made cussing part of their shtick. It can be tempting to emulate them, but there are several simple reasons public profanity can damage your brand and your bottom line. Do you know what they are?

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The Surprising Power of the One Conversation Rule

One Simple Way to Empower Meaningful Discussions

I love a good conversation. When I think to the most meaningful moments of my life, many of them have happened around a table, talking with the people closest to me.

Multi-ethnic group of young people talking over a cup of coffee

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But we all know some conversations are better than others, right? Maybe you’ve had conversations that felt more like competitions. Everyone around the table is buzzing, yakking, and whispering. It’s impossible to keep up, and it all feels scattered and shallow.

But what if I told you there was one simple way to have discussions that validated everyone involved, made it possible to really connect, and removed all the stress of having to perform?

"Never limit your vision based on your current resources." -Michael Hyatt

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The Results of My 30-Day Periscope Experiment

What I Learned and Where We Go from Here

When I first heard about Periscope, Twitter’s new live-streaming video app, I responded the same way I did when I heard about Twitter for the first time. I thought it was stupid.


Who has time for another social media channel, I thought. I have all I can manage with my blog, my podcast, Facebook, Twitter, and (occasionally) Instagram.

But I noticed that people I respect, like Chalene Johnson and Chris Ducker, were going all in—and killing it. Within a few days I had contracted FOMO (“fear of missing out”). I thought it was time to give it a shot.

How to Launch with Nearly Instant Momentum and Sales

The Proven Formula I Use for Every New Product

At the end of the day, we are all entrepreneurs, aren’t we? If you have something to say, you probably have something to sell. But how do you make sure you launch successfully?

Young woman is thinking about future education opportunities

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Maybe you’re new to launching and are unsure about best way. Maybe you’ve tried it before and failed. Meanwhile, you’re watching others launch winning products all the time. What’s their secret? How do they do it? Well, I’ll tell you exactly how I do it.

How to Finally Achieve Work-Life Balance [Podcast S05E05]

3 Simple Secrets That Make It Possible

Welcome to Season 5, Episode 5 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss how to finally achieve work-life balance.


Work-life balance is something we all struggle with, right? It’s so hard to find it can feel impossible. But it’s not. We just have to properly understand it. Today we’re covering three simple secrets that make it possible.

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How to Recover When You Blow It Big Time

3 Lessons Brené Brown Can Teach Us About Getting Past a Major Fail

We all have bad days in business, right? And sometimes they’re beyond just bad. We drop a ball, miss a sale, or hurt a colleague. Suddenly, we’re doubting ourselves, doubting our worth, doubting everything.

Red dart on black and white dartboard

Courtesy of iStock/Mathisa_s

My goal-setting course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, is very successful and helps a ton of people every year. During the last launch we decided to do a special edition of the course for leaders.

We were confident and built our budget assuming it would win big. We invested tens of thousands of dollars into the product and had significant revenue projections. The content was high value, the presentation compelling. And we sold exactly one. Yes, one.

"Courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear." -Michael Hyatt

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Thinking about an Affair? Count the Cost

8 Reasons You Should Run, Not Walk, from Infidelity

The Ashley Madison hack has spurred a lot of talk about adultery. An untold number of its clients have already resigned jobs or been served divorce papers. A few have even committed suicide.


Courtesy of iStock/Stacey Newman

Several years ago a friend of mine had an affair. It was like dropping an atomic bomb in his life. He lost his wife, his kids, his home, his friends, and more.

It’s impossible to fully appreciate the devastation caused by his decision—people are still hurting years later. But counting the cost of infidelity is something we should all do.

Permission to Turn the Page [Podcast S05E04]

5 Reasons Reading Will Make You an Awesome Leader

Welcome to Season 5, Episode 4 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss five reasons reading will make you an awesome leader.


I’m convinced that the reason I ascended the corporate ranks, became a CEO, and ended up writing about leadership is because I’m a reader. Here’s why it made the difference for me and how it can make the difference for you.

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The 2 Most Powerful Words for Reaching Your Goals

One Simple, Proven Trick that Will Set You up to Win Every Time

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: You decide on a goal and you’re full of enthusiasm for the first week, maybe two. Then you slack off. Finally, months go by and you’ve made no real progress.


Courtesy of iStock/Erik Khalitov

When you remember your original goal, you either feel bad and quit, or feel bad and try again—only to experience the same dynamic again and again. But what if I told you two little words could enable you to break out of that cycle?