How to Become a Morning Person [Podcast S06E09]

9 Easy Steps for Taking Advantage of Those Quiet Hours

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 9 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss how to become a morning person.

Maybe you’ve seen the statistics. Morning people do better in life than late risers. I know being a morning person has been a key component of my success. But what if rising early doesn’t come naturally to you? Me neither! Thankfully, these nine steps helped me maximize the morning.

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Goal-Setting [Free Webinar]

Find out How to Finally Get Traction in the New Year

It’s 2016! That means you’ve probably created some goals for the new year already or you’re in the process. But hang on.

People have been making New Year’s resolutions since the time of the ancient Babylonians. I doubt they were much better at it than we are.

Why? Simple. Most of us make the same goal-setting mistakes year after year. I want to turn that around for you in 2016.

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How Not to Make New Year’s Resolutions

10 Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Own Success

About 150 million Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year. That’s a lot of disappointed people.

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A quarter of those people will abandon their resolutions in just a week. Fewer than half will still be on track by summer. Ultimately, only 8 percent will be successful.

But don’t think about the percentages. Think about all those individuals.

How to Boost Your Energy [Podcast S06E08]

10 Practical Ways to Put a Spring in Your Step

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 8 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss how to boost your energy.

Life is demanding, right? We could all use more energy. Today we’re unpacking ten practical ways you can engineer more energy into your day.

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5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck

Want to Achieve Your Dreams? Then Never Fall for These

Steve Mura was a Triple-A baseball pitcher. He was starting one night in an away game, but he almost lost before leaving the dugout. Why?

Courtesy of iStock/SIphotography

“I can never win on this mound,” he told his pitching coach and shook his head. For Mura, the game was already over, and he hadn’t even thrown the first pitch!

When it comes to making progress towards what matters most in life, there are at least five major myths we need to avoid like quicksand.

We create a lot of video content every year in our shop. And that means we make a lot of mistakes. My talented friends at Rainey Media capture every last one. And that’s good news because here’s a collection of my best bloopers in 2015!

How to Become a Big Thinker [Podcast S06E07]

7 Tips for Escaping the Prison of Small Thinking

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 7 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss how to become a big thinker.

We’ve all been given unique, amazing gifts. But it’s easy to diminish them. Sometimes our culture or even those closest to us can keep us locked in a prison of small thinking. Here are seven tips for breaking out.

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The One Quality You Must Develop to Reach Your Goals

6 Proven Techniques to Gain the Persistence You Need

What does it take to accomplish your goals? Some people think it’s mostly about luck, smarts, good looks, and social connections. Nope.

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Researcher Angela Lee Duckworth studied West Point cadets, National Spelling Bee contestants, teachers in tough schools, and sales peoples, asking who would succeed and why.

“In all those very different contexts one characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success,” she said in a popular TED talk. And it wasn’t the usual suspects. What was it? “It was grit.”