Goal Setting for Beginners [Podcast S04E08]

5 Principles for Setting Goals That Work

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 8 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss how to start setting goals that actually work.


When I speak, I’m amazed at how many people in the audience recognize the value of setting goals. I’m also surprised by how few actually do it. I’ve been setting and achieving big goals most of my life, and I’ve identified five simple goal-setting principles that will help you get results.

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No, You Don’t Need to be Great at Everything—and Why You Shouldn’t Even Try

One Belief Holding You Back in Business and Life

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart like me, it’s tempting to wear every hat in the business. This is especially true if you’re cursed with being halfway good at all those jobs.

Businessman asleep at office desk with finance sheet calculator and coffee.(concept for overworked)

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That’s not a compliment, by the way. I should emphasize the word cursed. Think of it this way: Would you intentionally hire someone who was halfway good at their job? Of course not. You want people who are fully competent.

And yet it can be hard to let go of those hats, right? But here’s the reality. If you want to wear all the hats, you’ll have to pull out more than a rabbit to be successful.

9 Reasons You Need More Fishing in Your Life

How to Reconnect to Your Heart, Your Purpose, and More

Ever since I was a boy, I’ve enjoyed fishing. But the older I get the more I realize I don’t just enjoy it. I really need fishing.


Courtesy of David Braud

I recently went fly fishing on the Bighorn River in Montana. I was lucky to go with several other guys. Some were old friends, others I had just met. We had guides to help us, and we spent hours and hours on the water every day. It was fun, restorative, even magical.

Some of my favorite moments in nature have been on the water with a rod and reel. I wouldn’t call myself a rugged outdoorsman. I just love being outside, testing my luck, and hooking my lunch. It might sound like a humble time, but there’s hardly anything better.

How to Achieve More by Sleeping More [Podcast S04E07]

4 Specific Ways Sleep Enables You to Accomplish Your Goals

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 7 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss how to achieve more by sleeping more.


Our society places a high value on achievement and little on rest. But the more we cheat our sleep to pursue our goals, the less we actually accomplish. Today we talk about the science of sleep and achievement—specifically how rest helps you accomplish your goals.

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Blogging Gone Bad: 7 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Plus Easy Fixes to Gain and Retain the Readers Your Message Deserves

I follow a lot of blogs. I also stop following a lot. Why? My day is the same length as everyone’s, and frankly life’s too short to read bad blogs.


Courtesy of iStock/PashaIgnatov

Once I started blogging over a decade ago, I became a student of the art. Through trial and error I learned what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve my approach. I’ve shared a lot of what I’ve learned right here and at Platform University.

One thing I’ve discovered is that when bloggers go wrong, we tend to do it in the same ways. And that’s actually good news because it means it’s easy to diagnose and fix many of our problems.

"The grass is greener where you water it." -Neil Barringham

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The 10 Characteristics of a Rockstar Executive Assistant

What Every Leader Needs to Know about the Most Important Member of the Team

You can’t make it on your own, and that’s not a putdown. It’s reality. And the bigger your goals, the more help you’re going to need in reaching them.

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 19: Greig Reid an air traffic controller looks from the air traffic control tower at Edinburgh Airport as flights are cancelled for a fifth day on April 19, 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thousand of holiday makers remain stranded abroad as the ban on flight to and from UK airport because of volcanic dust continues.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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In the corporate world, I relied heavily on my executive assistants. When I struck out on my own, I thought I could manage without one. Crazy. I just couldn’t keep up.

It didn’t take long before I enrolled a virtual assistant. Now I have two and couldn’t run my business without them. But what makes a great assistant, whether virtual or in the office? If you’re a leader, you’d better know the answer to that question.

Watch Your Mouth [Podcast S04E06]

How Small Changes in Your Vocabulary Can Make a Big Impact on Your Life

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 6 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss the vital importance of the words we use.


What if it turned out most of our burdens were really benefits we missed because of the words we used to describe them? Our vocabulary possesses a lot of power over our life and experience. If we want to improve our attitude and our results, it’s time to start listening to the words we use.

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"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." -Thomas Edison

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How to Use the Gratitude Advantage at Work

6 Tactics for Powering Your Success by Expressing Thanks

Lona Collins is 107 years old. When a reporter asked what she does to stay young, she said gratitude. “Don’t go crabbin’,” she advised.

Two executives shaking hands in a meeting room.

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Most of us know about the gratitude advantage. Research shows that expressing thanks leads to lower stress, better relationships, improved health, and more. But there’s one place we’re unlikely to express gratitude—work.

Getting the Most Out of Evernote [Podcast S04E05]

12 Uses You May Not Have Considered

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 5 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss how to get the most out of Evernote.


Evernote is a cloud-based, information organization app. But you probably knew that, right? The system already boasts over 100 million subscribers. Why? Because it’s the one of the few apps almost no one can outgrow—I find new uses for it all the time. Here are twelve you may not have considered. They’re a little unconventional, but they save me time, trouble, and a lot more.

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