Announcing the Get Noticed! Theme Paid Beta

Last September, I announced we had begun development on the Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress. My goal was to create a powerful, easy-to-use theme for anyone wanting to build their own platform.

Get Noticed! Theme Screenshot

The theme entered beta testing in mid-January. Our faithful testers found some bugs (just as we had hoped) and made some great suggestions for additional features.

Meanwhile, we launched Platform University in January and the Platform Conference in February. Both were a tremendous success, but they stretched our modest resources.

Platform University has required more time from Andrew Buckman, my developer, and me than we anticipated. We have been swamped. Unfortunately, we had to put the theme on the back-burner until we could catch up.

Thankfully, the heavy-lifting is now behind us (we hope). We have been able to resume development on the theme. Andrew is finishing up the last private beta release. Meanwhile, I am turning my attention to getting everything ready for the public launch.

New Features in Development

The beta is currently very stable. If you want a list of the main features, click here.

We are now finalizing the last beta version for our testers before the public release. It will include:

  • Theme Customizer. This will enable users to customize their theme more easily, without having to touch the CSS files or know any code.
  • Subscription Counter. This widget will calculate your total reach, based on e-mail subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections, etc.

    Get Noticed! Theme Reach Counter

  • Multi-Author Support. This will insert an “author box” before or after the post. It will provide options for a photo (avatar), brief bio, and social media links.
  • RSS Feed Ads. This will enable you to insert advertising directly into your RSS feed, just as I currently do.

    Get Noticed! Theme RSS Ads

  • Social Share Tracking. This will keep track of how many times people click on the the various buttons in the Social ShareBar.

We are currently on-schedule to distribute this version to our testers by June 7th—less than two weeks away.

An Opportunity to Get It Early

We still have a significant amount of work to do in creating the documentation and sales tools. However, rather than make you wait any longer, we have decided to launch a paid beta no later than July 15th.

Here’s how it will work:

  • We will only make the theme available to 150 people. We are doing this to scale the roll-out, so we don’t overwhelm ourselves with support issues. We will also use the questions we get to build our FAQ page.
  • This option will be the full version, but it will still be beta. We will not provide any documentation and you will likely still find some bugs.
  • The price for the beta will be $197. This is the same price as Thesis 2.0 Professional. If this sounds like more than you want to spend, this theme is not for you. This is a premium theme for serious platform-builders.
  • We have not decided on all the upgrade terms and support details for the theme at this time. We will likely have tiered pricing and support options, but I don’t know the details yet.

Assuming the paid beta goes well, we plan to open it up to another 150 or so people, and then roll it out in stages. Again, we want to make sure we have adequate support resources in place to ensure our users have a great experience.

What You Need to Do Now

I will let everyone on our update list know twenty-four hours before we put the paid beta on sale. It will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you are interested in the paid beta, you need to make sure you are on our update list:

Keep in mind we have more than 3,000 people on the list now. As a result, I expect to sell out of our first 150 copies in less than an hour.

If you want earlier access that 24 hours, join Platform University. We are giving my members 48-hour notice.

Thanks for your continued interest in this project. I know it is taking longer than we thought. Andrew and I appreciate your continued patience. We are committed to making this the best theme for personal branding available anywhere.

Question: Do you have any questions about the theme or the process? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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