Memory and Exercise Infographic

Courtesy of: Pain Injury Relief

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10 thoughts on “Jog Your Memory: The Effects of Exercise on the Brain

  1. I just came in from a four mile run. Thanks for helping me feel extra good about my efforts this morning. Now, it’s time for a productive day!

  2. I’ve been procrastinating restarting my exercise routine. This is just the motivation I need. Thanks!

  3. Great visual! I love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing and more so for me that’s part of a daily routine. That staying active and reading books (currently doing a 52 book challenge) will help keep my brain stay functional as long as possible is definitely an added benefit. Thanks for this!

  4. Amazing! Fifteen years (and 60 extra pounds) ago I wondered how someone could actually enjoy sweating profusely and breathing heavily after an hour of running or working out. I have definitely learned to enjoy my daily endorphin fix. Now you tell me it makes me smarter?

  5. Great visual. Gets the message across so succinctly. And the message is so true. Even moderate exercise like brisk walking produces the same effects. I personally walk with my wife 3 times a week and practice Karate 2 times. Great all body muscle conditioning as well as cardio. Thanks for the reminder.

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