What I Learned from a $300,000 Product Launch

We launched Platform University back in January. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I didn’t have any experience launching a membership site.

Fortunately, I had some really smart people helping me. As a result, we exceeded my 90-day membership goal by more than three hundred percent—the first week! (Oh me of little faith.)

I shared the backstory with our Platform University members earlier this month in our “Backstage Pass” segment. Usually, this is members-only content, but I thought it might be helpful as you consider your own product or business launches. (I also wanted to give you a sample of the kind of content we provide at Platform University, hoping you’ll consider joining.)

In addition to me, this video segment features Stu McLaren, co-founder of WishList Member, my partner in Platform University, and the one who originally suggested I start a membership site. You’ll also hear from Megan Hyatt Miller, the Dean of Platform University and my oldest daughter.

In this video, we share the good and the bad of our product launch, including:

  • How we determined that my audience wanted Platform University (and how you can use this process yourself).

  • One crucial item we overlooked in the pre-launch that we would never do again.

  • How we pushed through our perfectionism (okay, my perfectionism) and finally launched.

  • An idea that built instant community at Platform University—even before we opened the site.

Most importantly, we extract the lessons we learned from this launch and help you apply these lessons to your own business or product launch.

Maybe you can’t imagine a six-figure product launch for yourself, but what if you could add several hundred dollars to your monthly income—or even a few thousand? Would that make a difference? The principle we share in the video applies regardless of the level.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Question: What did you learn in the video that you can apply to your own business?