This Is Your Life, Season 1

If all you want are the actual episodes, just scroll down the page and start listening. If you want to know why I am doing what I am doing, then read on.

Welcome to the all-new Season 1 of This Is Your Life. Why am I calling this Season 1 when I have already produced 100 episodes? Because I regard everything up until this point as ‟Season 0”—the beta version of my podcast.

In this season, I am proud to introduce my new co-host Michele Cushatt. We have known one another for seven years and worked together for five. She is both a colleague and a good friend.

Michele is enormously talented. She is a married to Troy and is a mom, stepmom, and foster mom. She is also an author, blogger, and professional speaker. Her role in the podcast is to guide the conversation, making sure that we deliver maximum value to you.

What’s New with This Season

I have made five changes to the show that you should know about

  1. The show is now a dialogue. I guess this goes without saying, but the show is now a dialogue rather than a monologue. This will make it more interesting for you—and for me.

  2. It is also available as a video podcast. We recorded each episode in our studio in Nashville. Each week, I will upload the new episode to both iTunes and my YouTube channel.

  3. I have a custom theme song. I wasn’t able to negotiate acceptable terms for a long-term license for my previous song, so I commissioned one. Tyler Smith wrote the new intro and outro. (For you trivia buffs, Tyler is Michael W. Smith’s son.)

  4. I eliminated everything distracting. I got rid of the ads, announcements, questions, and even the Tip of the Week. This means thirty uninterrupted minutes of pure content.

  5. I am releasing all the audio episodes at once. This will enable you listen on your terms, whenever you want. If you like to binge listen, now you can. To my knowledge, no one has done this in the podcast world.

I discuss why I made these changes in Episode 1 of this Season.

What Stays the Same

Some things will remain the same. I will continue to release the the show weekly (in addition to this batch release) on Wednesday at 5:00 a.m. Central. The show will be approximately thirty minutes long.

Michele and I will discuss the same kinds of topic I discussed in my first one hundred episodes (which I am now referring to as Season 0): personal development, productivity, and platform. My goal is still to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence.

How This Will All Work

I am batching the show into seasons consisting of thirteen episodes each—one quarter’s worth. Michele and I are recording these seasons four times a year in Nashville.

At the beginning of each season, I will release all thirteen audio episodes. Then, once a week, I will release the audio episode into iTunes as usual. I will also release the video episode into iTunes as well as on my YouTube Channel.

I can’t release all the video episodes at once, because they take longer to produce, as you might imagine. So those will be released in the weekly cycle, as they are available.

Along with these weekly episodes, I will release the customary show notes, resource links, and transcript, just as I did today today.

So, I am excited to give you the choice: You can listen to as many episodes as you wish on this page without waiting for the next episode or you can continue to listen to one-episode-per-week as usual. It’s up to you.

Question: What do you think? Will you likely be a binge listener or continue listening one episode at a time?

All Thirteen Episodes

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