“Erik Fisher Interviews Me”
by Erik Fisher

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Beyond the To Do List
September 4, 2012

Erik Fisher just started a new podcast called “Beyond the To Do List” that is already on my short list of must-listen-to shows. In this episode he interviews me about my daily schedule, my personal productivity tools (including favorite software), and how I found time to build my own platform.

You can find Erik’s “show notes” here with links to all the resources we discuss. I would encourage you to subscribe to his show.

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14 thoughts on “Erik Fisher Interviews Me

  1. Thanks for sharing, Michael! I really enjoyed this interview, and am really glad so many have found it to be very beneficial in helping them with time management, their daily schedules, and their priorities. 

    On another note: I am intrigued by the ‘mini-post’ functionality of your new theme. Very cool!

  2. Michael, it just struck me, that what you said about writing for yourself is right in the sense you cannot keep everyone happy and thinking about what someone will like, some other person may not, so writing for yourself makes sense more than ever. Good interview! 

  3. Thanks for the great show! I’ve got to ask you Erik-are you picking up some new tricks from hosting the show? Do you have something you can share that has really helped you? Thanks! 

    • I do have some things. I’m thinking of doing a summary show in late October, since I have interviews booked until then. 

      I will say taking time to assess priorities is really the place to start. Productivity is just busy work if you are working on the wrong thing.

  4. Michael, what program do you use to keep your action lists and project lists?

    Thanks for being so generous with what you’ve learned!

  5. Since I listened to this episode of BTTDL, I have been catching up on your Podcast. I am not a blogger or writer. What interests me is all of your advice on productivity. I can’t stop listening! Keep it up!!

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