“How To Be Predictably Persuasive”
by Ray Edwards

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Ray Edwards Show
September 19, 2012

I met Ray Edwards in New York recently at a gathering of membership site owners. He is a copywriter by trade—a really great copywriter.

Recently, I was on his blog and discovered that he is also a podcaster. His show is mostly about Internet marketing and copywriting, but he throws in a few life lessons as well.

I listened to two episodes so far and am very impressed. I think his is now my favorite podcast. Give it a listen!

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10 thoughts on “How To Be Predictably Persuasive

    • Ha! One of my favorite things to do in the world is to connect people I respect with each other. YOu and Ray are two of those! I am proud to introduce you to my readers.

  1. Michael, I am so thrilled that you like the podcast! It was your podcast, and your pointer to Cliff Ravenscraft, that prompted me to do it. Thanks for your kind words

  2. This information is awesome – thanks for sharing! As a speaker/author/consultant, I’ve always hated having to do the “sales close” stuff with prospects because it doesn’t feel authentic. I especially enjoyed the part about the 4 Learning Styles … as a trainer, I’ve studied lots of learning style theories, but wasn’t familiar with that one. It makes perfect sense and I’ll start incorporating it into my materials and conversations right away. (Oh, and I also went and downloaded a bunch of Ray’s other episodes … looking forward to hearing what else he has to say.

    Marlys Arnold, Exhibit Marketing Strategist

    • Marlys,  I’m so glad you found it helpful. And I appreciate the honor that you have paid me by downloading a bunch of my other episodes… Thank you so much.

  3. If it’s on Michael Hyatt’s website it must be good. That’s all I needed to know! Great podcast… I’m a new RSS subscriber to Ray Edwards. One of our family house rules as been: “If I have something nice I will share it.” Thanks Michael for sharing good things that you like personally. It makes all the difference. Blessings…

  4. I LOVE Ray’s podcast! Thanks for recommending him Michael! Between you, Ray, Dan Miller, and Pat Flynn there’s always something amazing to listen to. If only you guys lived in Florida…

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