What If You Could Get Paid Doing What You Love?

Perhaps you think you can’t do work you love and get paid for it. That’s what I used to think, too. Until someone showed me how to do both.

I had always had a desire to have a great impact through speaking and writing. I just couldn’t figure out how to get paid for it—at least not enough to make a living.

Then, five years ago, I attended my very first Launch Conference. It is designed to help speakers (and other communicators) start or maximize their business.

Launch is the conference that helped me decide to “turn pro” and become a professional speaker. Sure, I had thought about it before. In fact, I had dreamed about it for years. But this four-day training event gave me the information, tools, and confidence I needed to get started.

I literally would not be where I am today had I not attended that first event. It changed everything.

The Launch Conference was originally created by my friend, Ken Davis, a popular speaker and comedian. After his career took off, he was inundated with pleas for help. Aspiring speakers, comedians, and other performers wanted to know how to do what he had done.

In response, Ken distilled everything he had learned over the course of his career into a simple but powerful four-part framework. (More about that in a minute.) It has helped hundreds of speakers launch their careers and maximize their income.

After attending Launch, I was so enthusiastic about the content—and the results it delivered—I became Ken’s business partner. (In addition to Launch, we also co-produce the SCORRE™ and Platform Conferences.) My goal was to help Ken take this training to a much wider audience.

If you have ever thought about pursuing a career in public speaking or if you are already a professional but know you are not earning what you should, this conference is for you. Here’s why:

  1. You will learn our proprietary, four-part framework. We teach you how to:
    • Discover your assets. You will take inventory of your talents and gifts. You’ll consider your status and platform. You’ll even learn how to convert your weaknesses into strengths. You’ll discover your unique expertise and voice.
    • Design your products. This is all about packaging and selling your assets. We ask, “What product are you really selling to your buyers?” It could be a live product like a speech, seminar, or webinar. It might be a physical or digital product like a book, audio, or video series. It could even be a service, like coaching or consulting.
    • Develop your market. You’ll learn the basics of marketing, including how to use social media to gain visibility with your target audience. You’ll discover what meeting planners are looking for, how to develop effective promotional materials to reach them, and the pluses and minuses of booking agents and speakers bureaus.
    • Determine your value. We discuss why you should charge for your services and why you are cheating your customers if you don’t. We explain how to establish your pricing and how to negotiate the best fees possible. We also share a strategy that will enable you to raise your fees over time without jeopardizing the number of requests you are getting.
  2. You will interact with top industry professionals. In addition to Ken and me, Danny de Armas, Ken’s former manager, will be joining us. He is a phenomenal instructor with more than thirty years of experience. New York Times bestselling author, Dan Miller, will also be teaching on “How to Develop Multiple Streams of Income.” (Honestly, the presentation is worth the price of the ticket!)

    This is a boutique conference. We limit the registration to less than one hundred attendees. This means you get plenty of time to talk to our instructors (including me) and learn from them throughout the week.

    In addition, our Master level attendees will get personal, one-on-one coaching from Ken and me throughout the week. Note: we only have a few of these spots left. They always go first!

  3. You will enjoy the camaraderie of fellow students. This is one of my favorite aspects of any conference, but it is especially true of the Launch Conference. The problem is that most of your family and friends don’t understand what you do—or want to do. They may try to encourage you, but—let’s be honest—they don’t really have much to contribute.

    But you don’t have to struggle alone. At the Launch Conference, you will meet fellow-travelers. These are people who are on the same journey, chasing the same dream, and facing the same challenges. You will have an instant bond that may well last a lifetime.

The Launch Conference isn’t theory. It’s not speculation. It is a proven system that provides the inspiration, training, and resources you need to succeed. It has worked for hundreds of others. It will work for you.

Whether you are just considering a career in public speaking, thinking about adding it as one of the services you offer, or taking your current career to the next level, this conference is for you.

As a reader of my blog, you can take $200 off the Early Bird discount by entering the code HYATT when you register. This offer is good through Friday, February 14, 2014. And, as usual, I personally guarantee the results:

If you attend the conference and at any time before it’s over determine that we haven’t delivered as promised, I will promptly refund your money. No problem. No questions asked. You have my word on it.

Think of your registration fee as an investment. It will pay for itself almost immediately. You will leave pumped about the possibilities, with concrete ideas you can put to work immediately.

This is the only time we will host this conference this year. Don’t miss it. I hope to see you there.

Question: Have you ever thought about a career as a professional speaker? If so, what appeals to you the most about it?