What task-manager application are you currently using and why?

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17 thoughts on “What task-manager application are you currently using and why?

  1. I use Nozbe because it allows me to keep the same lists on different devices. The learning curve on it is pretty steep, but my biggest hurdle is that it only connects with Google Calendar and my work uses Exchange. Still searching for a happy way to link them.

    • Hi Wayne and Michael,
      A friend recommended an app called CalenMob. It syncs with Google calendar on my iPad and Nozbe and seems to be working smoothly. Thank you Wayne for explaining about Google sync. I have been going crazy for the past nine months wondering why I can’t sync my calendar on the iPad and thought I was the only one because when I searched I didn’t even find one discussion on the problem.

      • Thank you, Pam. I haven’t had trouble syncing Nozbe and Google Calendar on my iPad; my challenge has been the desktop environment where I work 95% of the time.

  2. NOZBE -> to ASTRID
    I switched from a paid subscription to “Nozbe” to “Astrid” a few years back and have loved it. The main reason I switched was to have the ability to share tasks with my co-workers and the cost was to much for us to budget on a regular basis (missionary budget!).
    ASTRID -> to ANY.DO
    However – Astrid was bought by “yahoo” and has now been discontinued. I have recently made the switch to “Any.do” and love how it works on my android devices. Beautiful interface and smooth “plan your day” function. Integrates really well with all of the normal smart phone activities. For instance, I missed a call and it came up after with an option to add a task to call them back. Or after meeting on my calendar, it will ask if I need to setup any tasks or notes from it. VERY COOL!
    There are still a few things I wish it did better but it looks like they are coming so I’m going to stick with it for now.

  3. I really like Wunderlist. I use the A-1 task prioritizing method that Dave Ramsey teaches and Wunderlist works well with that system. I make an A list, B list, C list and task bank, drop tasks to the bank and then drag & drop them into the appropriate lists when I’m prioritizing. It syncs across desktop & mobile platforms incredibly well. I can share task lists with employees, so I can create a task for an employee and drop it to his/her bank… they can do the same for me. You can create recurring tasks, create subtasks and attach notes. It’s quite robust.

  4. I use Google calendar and have some lists of Google tasks. I syncronize all that in Calegoo on my phone. Pretty good to manage all task lists with ranks and colors

  5. Michael, I tried nozbe because you recommend it. Can I tell you it has changed my life. By far the best app. I keeps me organized and productive. Thank you

  6. I have recently moved completely to IQTELL. I have looked for this product for a long time! Everything GTD is in one place. Very mature Web app and smartphone apps. Great support to help you get up to speed. I highly recommend it!

  7. I’m a Nozbe Nut. One month in and I’m running nineteen projects…and a clear mind ( the great part) Bought it for my family. Now my bride knows what I’m doing, I know what she’s doing, and neither of us knows what The Kid At College is doing, but we’re big fans anyway. Love the multiple-platform ability. PC, iPad and Linux and everybody’s happy.
    And Michael Nozbe Sliwinski, I especially enjoyed your choice of artwork (The Mother and Child) on top of your filing cabinet in your office review.

  8. I’m trying Nozbe for a team of project managers, but I can’t seem to get it to collaborate. I add people to the project, but they don’t receive the invite. LIttle disappointed with it right now, but I promised the team I’d give it a month.

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