Our whole role in life is to give you something you didn’t know you wanted and then, once you get it, you can’t imagine your life without it.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook

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7 thoughts on “Apple’s Mission

    • HA yes! And people are certainly finding themselves addicted to Apple products, or digital connection in general. Good point!

  1. They popularized devices that have hurt our culture, in my opinion. From car crashes to ignored children and even the destruction of mealtime conversations; the use of smartphones has made us less likeable and more self-absorbed than ever. Even my dog knows; if he comes over to the couch for a petting, and sees me using a phone or tablet, he just shrugs away to his bed. He knows not to bother. I liked things better in the day when you said Apple, it meant the Beatles record label.

  2. Thanks for sharing this quote! It is a great one that challenges us to think ahead and put the needs of others first.

  3. I believe Apple has done this. And I do not think it is there fault if people use the tools they have created poorly, many people have used those tools to do amazing and wonderful things. Technology is only isolating if we choose to be isolated by it.

    • Great point Ben. They probably said the same thing about books many years ago. Society will adjust to the additional options over time and a new equilibrium will be established.

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