If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

Stephen King

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17 thoughts on “Read and Write a Lot

  1. I’ve got the reading part down. I just need to take more action on the writing side. It certainly won’t help me to become a successful author if I don’t actually get the books finished.

  2. This is so true. I’ve basically taken whatever my downtime is and devoted it to these two tasks. The progress is so and tortuous sometimes, but I am getting there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love this. Its simple. and it can apply to any craft. Just immerse yourself in creating and learning from others creations!

  4. There is an author that I absolutely love, and I h.ad the opportunity to go out to dinner with him and some others. Someone else asked him what he’s reading and he said nothing. He doesn’t read. The table was pretty quiet after that one! lol
    I agree with the quote though.


  5. Reading was always a terribly daunting task. Thanks to your podcast, Michael, I’ve been set free from feeling like I need to finish every boring part of every boring non-fiction book. Thanks a ton!

  6. Any insight / research on if typing verses handwriting plays a role in the creative process?

    Just curious if there’s any info. I usually outline a piece by hand, and then build it out & finalize the piece on my computer.

    • This isn’t research or data, but, lacking data, I’d expect it varies from person to person. You should do what you’ve found works well for you. Or, “Try a lot and keep what works.”

      There’s a blog I love for fiction writing advice, Patricia C. Wrede’s blog. She has an excellent post talking about various writing methods, http://pcwrede.com/blog/writing-methods/. She doesn’t address typing versus handwriting in this one, but I think the principles still apply. There are a LOT of valid ways to go about writing. Just don’t keep the ones that aren’t actually working for you, even if you’re fond of them — like working on lots of novels at once if you never actually finish any of them. (Think she had a separate post somewhere about that.)

  7. This quote off the Book really stuck me today. Truly a remarkable note for all aspiring writers

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