The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

Mark Twain

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18 thoughts on “Where Does the Fear of Death Come From?

  1. Yeah, but unless we fear death, we cannot face it with courage.

    Death and social media seems like an interesting topic. After all, if we die suddenly, our Facebook and Twitter pages will live on. In fact, Facebook and Twitter are slowly turning into the biggest graveyards in history, with dead people’s profiles just sitting there like virtual tombstones. (That’s one of the reasons why I don’t allow others to post on my Facebook Wall. Because if I get hit by a truck today, I won’t be able to delete my friends’ silly postings anymore.)

  2. Those who fear death probably haven’t yet discovered life. Many people die wondering what would have happened if they had really lived. That’s a decision we all make today. When we truly live, death becomes a future event rather than a lurking catastrophe. If we live to inspire, not retire (, we will have a meaningful life that will outlast our earthly existence.

    • This is definitely a mature perspective. I don’t know if its one that I could have had as a kid. But, I’m blessed to have lived long enough to view some things a bit differently.

  3. Fearing the unknown. Something that can strike at any time and be absolutely out of your control. Preparation doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid.

  4. Fear is a funny thing. I’m not sure if the second part of that quote is correct or not, but the first part definitely is! I think that it’s okay to be afraid, it’s normal and natural, and maybe even a good defense mechanism. But it’s what you do with that fear that determines your fate and who you are. Do you let it own you? Or do you stare it down and walk right past it?

  5. I actually have thought like this for many years. My friends always raise an eyebrow when I say “You know guys, I’ve lived a really good life so far. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if my life suddenly ended because it’s just been great so far.”

    I realize how suicidal that sounds and how tragic that’d be for people who love me, but I think you all get the point of what I’m getting at.

    • Great way to view life. I totally understand. I don’t have any regrets either. I am too busy living life to the fullest.
      My friends are always talking about me because I am always reading some book, blog, etc.; participating in some webinar, webcast, etc.; or just doing things. I figure that why I am here, I may as well continue moving forward each day. That includes learning. I always tell them, “Fully embrace today with the possibility that there is a tomorrow!” If you do that, you will always be preparing for the what if moments. That is “what if I live 5 more years? If I do, I want to be here!” I embrace today but am always preparing for tomorrow.

  6. There is a new book out ” A Near Death Experience: I Died and Came Back From Hell” Astouding….guy died twice, twelve years apart ….saw Heaven the first time, hell the second! WOW

  7. Have you ever watched the movie Tuck Everlasting? One of the greatest quotes from that movie is, “Don’t fear death, Winnie, but rather fear the life not lived.” This quote goes along nicely with the one you shared.

    Also, as a Christian, I’m learning that I don’t have to fear death for two reasons: I know where I’m going AND because of that I know that I will live forever with my Father. This has given me an entirely different outlook on life.

  8. Michael,

    I really like this quote because so many people are terrified of death, but if you live the best life you can live and have a deep love and understanding of God there is no need to fear. This quote goes in line with the quote that, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” Thanks for sharing the great quote!

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