To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.

Leonard Bernstein

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8 thoughts on “The Practical Value of Deadlines

  1. This would be how you cheat Parkinson’s Law – “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”
    How do you overcome? Provide less time than needed. Now the question is, “will work compress to fill the time available?”

  2. Wow, Michael–wow! I’ve subscribed to your site for a while but don’t think I’ve ever commented. This post really resonates with me! As a child, teenager and even young adult (in my 20s–I’m now in my 30s), my passion was for international mission work. I thought it was my lifelong calling. In college, I double majored in journalism and Spanish (and minored in English) to somehow prepare for the calling. Four years ago my husband and I were serving a short stint in Canada for preparation to be career missionaries in Mexico. Something happened–something tragic really–and we had to come back home. It was devastating. My dreams were crushed. From that shattered time, my passions for writing (which had also started in childhood) were re-stirred. However, I pushed my passion for missions aside. I think I buried them…afraid to dream in that regard. This makes me wonder if, one day, God may combine these passions of mine…and that, perhaps, I shouldn’t be scared to dream of international work again. Thanks for sharing your heart today!

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