My Craziest, Most Memorable Christmas Stories [Podcast S02E12]

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 12 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this twelfth episode, Michele Cushatt and I discuss some of my crazy Christmas memories. I can’t believe she got me to share some of these!

Spoiler Alert: In case you listen to my podcast with young children around, I blow Santa’s cover during this episode. I reveal how I discovered he is made-up. If this shocking truth might upset your children, please use earphones!

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In this episode, you will discover:

  • That I can sing … sort of. This is my podcast debut!

  • My family’s favorite holiday traditions.

  • Why we keep our decorations up until the Feast of Epiphany (January 6).

  • My most memorable holiday—it was like our own private version of Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

  • Michele’s most memorable Christmas. (Hint: six kids, a church service, and no where to sit—except with the choir in the front of the church.)

  • Our favorite gifts—to receive.

  • When I do my Christmas shopping. (No, it’s not on Christmas Eve.)

  • The gift-giving rule Gail, my wife, and I violate every … single … year.

  • One of Michele’s secret holiday addictions. It’s not crack, but it’s pretty close.

  • How your expectations often determine whether the holidays are a happy time or a sad time for you.

  • Who washes the Christmas day dishes at our house.

Finally, thank you for being a part of our family here at This Is Your Life and for listening in. I pray that your holidays are full of love, joy, and peace.

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You can download a complete, word-for-word transcript of this episode here, courtesy of Ginger Schell, a professional transcriptionist, who does all my transcriptions.

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My favorite part of doing these podcasts is participating in the conversation they provoke. Each week, I ask one question. This week, it is this:

Question: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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