The Real Difference Between the Wise and the Foolish [Podcast S03E10]

How to Handle Criticism with Grace

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 10 of the This Is Your Life podcast. In this tenth episode, Michele Cushatt and I talk about how to handle criticism with grace.

Criticism is inevitable, and it stings. But only the foolish sting back. The wise pause, evaluate, and turn it to their advantage. Here are four disciplines to help you better handle—and even benefit from—criticism.

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In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why receiving criticism and handling confrontation is essential for anyone in a leadership position.
  • Why it’s crucial to pause between the stimulus of criticism and our response to it.
  • What kind of critics warrant a response—and who doesn’t.
  • How defensiveness sabotages ourselves and relationships.
  • How we let shame inflate our response to criticism.
  • Why sometimes people deliver criticism with more force than they intend.
  • How to handle criticism in a group setting.
  • Why it’s essential to own our missteps and wrongs—all the way.

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You can download a complete, word-for-word transcript of this episode here, courtesy of Ginger Schell, a professional transcriptionist, who does all my transcriptions.

Join the Conversation

My favorite part of doing these podcasts is participating in the conversation they provoke. Each week, I ask one question. This week, it is this:

Question: Think of a time you handled criticism well and a time you didn’t. What was the main difference and how did you feel afterward?

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