Do you follow your fears, or run from them? In this SlideShare presentation, Ann Handley states that it’s important to follow your fears because oftentimes the things that scare you the most are the ones most worth doing.

Question: Can you think of a time when you faced a major fear and came out better in the end because of it? Share your answer on , , or .

Social media is becoming more and more visual. Check out the above infographic by Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted to see how this shift occurred and how you can leverage this trend to build your brand.

Question: Have you incorporated images into your social media posts? If so, what has been the result? Share your answer on , , or .

Visuals are becoming an increasingly important aspect of marketing, and with limited resources, you may need to create at least some of your own visual content. If you need to take the creation of various design elements of your marketing into your own hands, this slideshow by HubSpot will help you start off on the right foot.

While Steve Jobs was known for delivering inspiring and memorable keynote presentations, most slide presentations are boring. The ten tips in this presentation will help you craft slideshows that will move mountains, or at the very least, get your point across in an effective and memorable way. (via HubSpot)

This is a collection of 50 quotes about doing the impossible. It includes quotes from a wide array of historical figures, including Marcus Aurelius, Sir Walter Scott, Alexander the Great, Pearl S. Buck, and even Jonathan Winters. Thanks to Joel Runyon at ImpossibleHQ for bringing this to my attention.

This new report from Nielsen has all the latest social media stats and their key findings. Because this is really a report not a slide deck, so you will want to read it in fullscreen mode.

One key finding: Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other single Website. I would have guessed Google.

I thought this side deck was an excellent example of presentation design at its best. In case you haven’t heard, bullet slides are dead. Good riddance.

As a leader, your followers deserve better. Something like these slides, please.

As you probably know, Steve Jobs stepped down this week as Apple’s CEO. This was a sad but not surprising move. He has been a business mentor to me, though I have never met him. I stumbled across this slideshow in my RSS reader today. It pretty much sums up his business philosophy. Enjoy!