Help Me Pick a New Title

Can you help us decide on the subtitle and copyline for my next book?

I am writing a new book on the subject of building a platform. It is designed for authors, speakers, recording artists and anyone else who wants to get noticed in an increasingly noisy world. Thomas Nelson is my publisher and will release the book in April 2012.

We have created a survey with exactly one question: “Which subtitle and copyline would make you more likely to purchase my book?” To see the options and vote, click here.

Thanks for your help!

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49 thoughts on “Help Me Pick a New Title

  1. Didn’t really like any of them.  To long and not catchy enough for me.  Hope the survey helps though.  Thanks for the blog, encouraged by it.

    • I agree with Craig as well.  How about: 
      Platform: the art and science getting noticed in a noisy world!  or
      Platform: a practical field guide for getting noticed in a noisy world!
      Platform:  Your Real World Blueprint for Standing Up for your convictions & Standing Out above the crowd.
      Platform: Get Real, Get Noticed, Get Paid!

      I love the concept of the book.  I hope it’s a candid look at how you have fashioned your personal platform.  I respect how you have grown your platform, the professional, humble way you’ve gone about it. 

  2. A couple of suggestions:
    Lifting your message above the rest…
    Building a audience through the noise…
    A mega phone approach to a earphone world…
    Getting your audience’s attention…
    Saying what you need to say so they will listen…

    Not sure you were looking, but thought I would add.


  3. Platform: If you build it, they will come (“Field of Dreams” referenced intended). Looking forward to reading the new book (especially if its available in some type of eBook format). 

  4.  Building A Platform To Take On The World
    Strengthen Your Platform With Reinforcement
    What You Need Is A Strong Platform 
                                            I hope you can use one of them. Thanks Francelia Poole

  5. Hi Michael,

    I’m not wild about any of the options. Is ‘Platform’ set in stone? I’m not seeing lots of visuals with it either. What about Launchpad? All sorts of rockets, ignition, blast-off, stellar, orbit visuals come to mind. Here are a few quick brainstorm ideas in no particular order…

    PlatformBuild something to Stand on and Stand outPlatformBuild it. Stand on it. Stand out.A blueprint for buildingSomething to stand onSo you can Stand outLaunchpadHow stellar careers blast offLaunchpadIgnite a stellar careerDefy Gravity3-2-1LiftoffLaunchpadYour Blueprint for Building and Launching a Stellar careerBuilding words like:Framework, Blueprint, Construct…

      • Being a visual person (book covers, etc.) it just doesn’t have as much oomph but I understand why you’d use that. So perhaps this is the new ‘paradigm’ ? 

        – Tools for knowing what you’re known for
        – Tools for building and refining you and your message
        – What you stand for is what you stand on.
        – Know what you stand for so you can stand out
        – What Pageant Girls, Madonna and You should have in common

    • Okjedi, I really liked your suggestions. This one struck me as the best –

      Build it. Stand on it. Stand out.

  6. Michael – have always appreciated your honesty in your blog; it’s always been a great learning tool for me. I wanted to give some of it back. I’m not really tickled by any of them. I wish I had some “gems” to suggest, but, alas, I’m reminded why I always turned to and leaned to marketing – guess I’m just a “silly systems analyst” at heart. ;-)

  7. Voted for number 3, but none really grabbed my imagination. Needs a catchier title that shows as much as it tells. I “saw” a person standing on a platform in my mind.

    Platform: Standing Up and Standing Out in the Digital Crowd
    How to get seen and heard when you have something to sell or say

      • One more thing. “Platform” is an absolutely brilliant title. We have three published writers in our family, and we have all used the term countless times in the past few years when pitching book ideas. And yet no high visibility book on the concept. I’m so glad that your name will be on [the] Platform. Right topic, right title, right time.

  8. Tried to take the survey but couldn’t really click on any of the titles. They are all not ideal!

    I think I would focus the title on something that you posted some time ago – You must great a platform before you need it so that you have it when you need it.

    This is not an thought through but it could read something like this: Platform: The start of your career, business and success – A step by step guide…

    Hope that helps!

  9. These titles seem a little long and wordy to me, but then I’m not the expert! :)


    If people know what a platform is they’ll be drawn to the book. If they don’t they’ll be curious. That’s good, too. 

  10. I have to agree with many of the previous comments.  Although I picked #2, I wasn’t thrilled with any of them.  If I wasn’t an avid reader of this blog, I’m not sure I would know what “platform” is.   Maybe a title that avoids the use of that term?

    • The reason I am using that word is that it has become a huge buzzword among authors, speakers, and musicians. They are constantly being told by their publishers and record copies that they need to build a platform. Most know what it is and why they need it; they just need a how-to guide. Thanks.

  11. The best next action may be to return to the drawing board; none appealed to me. “Something to say or sell” doesn’t appeal to me at a deep enough level. I think I would more likely be motivated by a subtitle that affirmed in my mind that my message was important i.e. worth hearing; and thus in need of a platform.

  12. I agree with many of the commenters below who say it is too long.  However, here is my tweak to your current form:
    Platform:  How to get
    noticed in the noise.  The
    How-to-build-it guide for everyone with something to say or sellLooking forward to its release!!

  13. Filled out the survey. Was hoping to see the top secret results of what was voted for after I filled it out. But… it was not to be. Can’t wait to see the results. Even more… can’t wait for the book.

  14. I believe that the intended audience should determine the title. Each of your three options speaks to a slightly different group.
    The first to motivated people who feel like they need help being noticed or heard.
    The second speaks to people who are busy and looking for something that addresses their concerns in a short amount of time.
    Finally, the third option seems to be directed to  people looking for a how-to on where to get started getting there message out there.
    I think you would be best served by selecting the title that truly reflects the group you are writing to in the book.

  15. I’m getting ready to lead a group of writers through the process of building a platform. Could we use your book as our text? We’d be happy to serve as lab rats (first readers, experimental students) as you complete this project.

  16. I don’t like any of them.  You’re writing for artists and performers so why not something like “Turning the Stage into a Platform” or something clever.  Your suggested titles were explanations of the content, not titles.  Keep mulling til you get something more simple.

  17. I voted for #2, although I like “Noisy” over “Busy” (because the former is more of a buzz word).  How about “Subverting the Noise”?  

    I’m also not sold on “Step-by-Step.”  Maybe “A Practical Guide…”?

    Then again, what do I know?

  18. Voted for the first one but it doesn’t really matter to me. If you are writing it, Michael, I am reading it!

    God bless,  Anne Marie :)

  19. I know you are not asking for suggestions but like some of the others, I did not care for any of the titles offered.  What about biblical analogy?  Riding with Noah: How to ensure that your idea does not get lost in the flood of information.  I know a bit corny but first thoughts.


  20. Wasn’t inspired by any of the titles but chose number 2.

    Here’s my suggestion

    Platform: What Are You Standing On To Get Heard?

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