Strategic Relationship Management, Part 3

The Ideal Author

In part 1 of this series, I outlined the concept of Strategic Relationship Management. In yesterday’s post I began to apply these principles, starting with The Ideal Publisher. Today, I want to provide the profile of the ideal author.


What would the ideal, high-profit, low-maintenance author look like from the publisher’s perspective? Here are fifteen characteristics:

Profile of the Ideal Author
High ProfitLow Profit
1. Demonstrates a win-win financial paradigm.1. Demonstrates a win-lose financial paradigm.
2. Publishes with us exclusively.2. Publishes with more than one publisher.
3. Plans and helps fund his own marketing efforts.3. Expects us to do all the marketing and make him or her famous.
4. Exceeds our profit hurdle on nearly every project.4. Fails to meet our profit hurdle on most projects.
5. Has the potential to become an author brand (has numerous book ideas).5. Does not have the potential to become an author brand (only has one book idea).
Low MaintenanceHigh Maintenance
6. Values our expertise and listens to our advice.6. Doesn’t respect our expertise and won’t listen to our advice.
7. Writes great manuscripts.7. Writes marginal manuscripts or expects someone else to come up with the content.
8. Delivers manuscripts on time.8. Delivers manuscripts late.
9. Responds to our calls and requests in a timely manner.9. Doesn’t respond to our calls or requests in a timely manner.
10. Participates enthusiastically in our marketing efforts.10. Refuses, resents, or complains when asked to participate in our marketing efforts.
11. Gives us the benefit of the doubt.11. Looks for opportunities to catch us doing something wrong and then jumps on us when he or she does.
12. Is organized and plans ahead.12. Is disorganized and expects us to make up for his lack of planning.
13. Understands that success requires a team effort.13. Expects us to make his book a best-seller.
14. Expresses gratitude.14. Rarely expresses gratitude.
15. Has a low maintenance staff or agent.15. Has a high maintenance staff or agent.

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