Success Brings Its Own Set of Problems

I used to think, If I can achieve success, my problems will go away. The reality is that success creates a whole new set of problems.

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I have just been reminded of this with the launch of my new book. I don’t know how it will ultimately shake out, but the first three days have been very successful.

The book has been #4 or #5 on Amazon all week and as high as #5 on Barnes & Noble. The only thing tracking higher are the Shades of Grey novels. (Ugh.)

By almost any standard, the launch has been a success. It has certainly exceeded my expectations.

But it has also created some problems:

  • The special bonus offer has buried my assistant, Tricia, in e-mail from people who have problems or questions.
  • Thomas Nelson, my publisher, is running low on inventory, because they didn’t expect the book to do as well as it has. (Trust me, I sat on their side of the desk for years as a publisher, so I know how difficult it is to forecast demand.) Some retailers are showing it out of stock.
  • I have added so many people to my e-mail subscriber list that MailChimp shut me down yesterday. I had to pay several hundred dollars to upgrade my account to accommodate the additional volume.

Why am I sharing this? Because I don’t want you to become discouraged when you start succeeding.

Most of us accept the fact that failure brings problems. But sometimes we are surprised that success does too. As a result, it is easy for us to become ungrateful or cynical.

The truth is that problems are inevitable. They are good for us. They force us to stretch and grow.

Maybe we should welcome them … okay, maybe I’m going a little over-board.

Regardless, I much prefer the problems that come with success than the ones that come with failure—and I’ve had plenty of both! How about you?

Question: What success “problems” have you experienced? You can leave a comment by clicking here.