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92 thoughts on “Blog Post Frequency

  1. There are only a few blogs I read regularly, and fewer still that I read religiously. Yours is the latter. I love daily posts, but if you have a desire to post less frequently and develop other content, I say “go for it.” I am sure the time away from blogging will be well spent and lead you to greater ideas. I’ll still be here, reading every post and looking forward to whatever else you dig into.

  2. I subscribe to about 75 blogs on Google Reader.  Yours is the only one I subscribe to by e-mail.  It’s one of the first things I read every morning.  I would miss it if you reduced the frequency, but understand your limited time.

  3. You give us a lot to digest Michael. I think I can digest about 3 per week. Really grateful for all you have taught me. Just finished your Platform book today. 

    • The Platform is a great book. I skipped to Part Three and I am bouncing around the book.

      I am very happy that I bought it. And I am applying what I learned from Michael to my on personal photography blog.

      I will apply those principles to my professional blog — once I get the kinks out :-)

  4. Everything I have read suggests at least 3x times a week to keep readers coming back and utilize search engines for increased readership :)

  5. I honestly  am amazed you’ve kept it up for this long. I vote for 3. I also love that you allow other great bloggers to share your platform. It’s how I found out about Jeff Goins.

  6. I debated between 2 and 3 times per week and ended up voting for 3. When people post every day, I tend to skip reading most days and only read when a title really stands out to me. In contrast, I tend to read every post of the bloggers I follow who post only 2 times per week. I ended up voting for 3 because it seems like a happy medium particularly if you keep podcasting and using at least some guest posts. 

  7. 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday maybe. That way we don’t have to go too long without a post from you. I think you should go for it. You may need to append Platform though. :)

  8. I must admit that I subscribe by twitter and email and only dip into the website once a week.  I listen to the every episode of the podcast but usually in batches.  I think three topics a week posted once a week would be OK.  Still it might be easier to post  topics when you write them.

  9. I answered “two”. Perhaps keep them posting on the same two days each week so others will know when to look, and then use twitter as conversation tool for blog entries. Do What God Says.

  10. Please don’t go less than three. I find your blogs very insightful and you’ve introduced things several things that I am using to improve myself now into the future. I completely agree with Heather’s comments.

  11. 5 posts a week is really tough on one person. I voted for 3 times a week. 

    I think that now give you time to produce more quality content and to invest your energies on other projects.Also I would spread them out — Mon, Wed, Friday. I know statistically Monday and Friday are not days to post. But I say live outside the comfort zone ;-)And create a new statistic for Monday and Friday posts.

  12. Trust me, I love getting as much great content as possible.  I could live with three posts a week.  I think a good byproduct of not posting everyday is it gives the topic of the post more time to develop in the community.  When posting everyday, everyone usually just ends up moving on to the next post.  

    Another option is to reduce the number of times you post, but include some more great guest posts, like yesterday’s, to lighten the load a bit

  13. I voted for two posts.  What I mean by that is two written posts, not counting the podcast review or the guest posts on Friday.  Give us a Monday, Wednesday written post, a Friday guest post, and the podcast review.  Love your work, Michael!!!

  14. I voted for 2 because I love a Monday and Wednesday post. I don’t like to be reading blogs all week long, so I’m personally trying to decrease my screen time as a wife and mom! You won’t lose me as a follower with 2.

  15. Post whatever number of new blogs you wish, but PLEASE drastically cut the number of tweets repetitively promoting them and repetitively pushing  the old material.  You are literally “next” on my list of who to UNfollow as I work to cut down the number of tweets I feel I need to get through.

    • Thanks for your input.

      Heres’ my strategy in case you (or anyone reading this) is interested:

      I tweet a link to my current post at 6:00 a.m. CT.
      I tweet another link to my current post at 11:20 CT.
      I tweet a link to an old post sometime in the evening.

      That’s it. Three tweets a day to my blog. 

      If that’s too much, then please do unfollow me. I don’t want to be noise in anyone’s life. 

      Thanks again.

      • One of the big problem areas may be the Social Oomph side.  When the tweets are repeating — even for 90 days’ worth — it starts feeling repetitive because we’re seeing the same phrases and links and it becomes familiar for longer term followers.  I was following this one writer.  Seemed like a nice lady initially; we had a few conversions on Twitter.  But then I started seeing a pattern of tweets that looked like reruns.  She started automating more of her tweets.  I believe she only had a week’s worth in Social Oomph, so it became obvious very fast that she was repeating — especially when the tweets turned up on the same lists over and over again.  The result was that a lot of people on one hashtag got really fed up and started reporting her as a spammer.  Over time, it does stand out when links are repeated.

        • Indeed, it can. I have 90 tweets uploaded to my SocialOomph account, so it takes that long to cycle through.

          It’s a balance, for sure. I want to keep my older content visible but not at the expense of annoying readers. I’m sure I don’t always get it right. I’m constantly experimenting.

      •  Thanks for the quick response…

        I now see that you’re specifying “blog,” but I’m thinking of the sum total and the time demand it places on people’s lives. 

        People need to realize this — each blog entry, status update, and tweet is a demand for a piece of other people’s lives.  The question at hand is what merits such demands, especially *repeated* demands.

        Seeing social media as some sort of free reach-and-frequency ad medium will surely lead to its death as its viewers realize there IS cost to it and, between the time and tracking given up, the only currencies accepted are the most valuable they have.

  16. I’m very torn.  I want 5, but I also want other types of content.  Completely selfish I know.  Please don’t go less than 3. 

  17. At least 2 posts of your own, maybe sprinkled in with a few additional short posts of useful things you find – resources etc., and then 1 guest post on Friday’s (because even your guest posts are great quality) would be outstanding, in my opinion. 

  18. Thanks for asking your readers Michael. Your integrity, intent, capabilities and results bring a lot to the table. Thus, I read your postings most every day and regularly refer people to the content.


  19. 3x per week on Monday and two other days and then your amazing guest bloggers can fill in the other two days. Many of your guest bloggers reinforce your content and link prior blogs you’ve written.

  20. This is the only blog I read with any level of regularity.  Its like the 3rd thing I do in the morning.  If you go down to 3 times a week, at least fill in the other two days with guests posts or something.  Just a thought!  Thanks for all you, do, Mike.

  21. Michael, funny – we discussed this way back when! My thoughts are that the daily posting has been an incredible boost to your site and that it was a tremendous strategy to your visibility for the last year. But the “free up time” consideration probably trumps that right now.

    I think you should balance the average of everyone’s answer and add 1. The one is for that little bit extra for cross traffic etc. Dialing too far back suddenly is probably not strategic, while not dialing back enough does not free up enough time. For example, my personal preference 3. I bet 4 is a great number. (3x during week – one weekend day)

  22. My vote was that you post three times per week. The caveat is that I would like all three posts to be your own. If you posted four times per week, then I wouldn’t mind seeing a guest post once a week. Thanks for this wonderful, incredible resource. I recommend it to people all the time.

  23. Your posts rank with the best on the web. I hope that they can continue at least three times a week.

  24. I would prefer 3x a week – I thought this before reading the comments below. I love your blog – both your own writing and guests. Please continue to put out high quality, thought-provoking material as often as you feel is right. I’d rather have less often than see a decline in quality (which by the way I haven’t).

  25. I like to read your messages every day and I’m learning a lot. I also bought your book Platform and it is the BEST book I have read about marketing and self-development. I’m extremely grateful for your messages and the way you share your knowledge with us! :) THANK YOU!

  26. I think you probably know that you have the type of following that will support ANY number of posts you decide upon.  I’d love to see 2-3 per week if you have to cut down.  Thank you for thinking of us!!  

  27. I love your posts and read them very regularly.  I would enjoy having fewer posts to retain and have an extra day or so to digest and apply the information!  I would feel differently if podcasts are considered a “post”.  I don’t usually have as much time to listen to your podcasts as I do to read the written.  I would even enjoy having 2 written posts in a week that you might include 1 podcast.  Thanks for the many ways you have and continue to impact my life and leadership!

  28. Three times a week would be fine. Then I  would have more time to ponder over your ideas and put them into practice. I really enjoy your posts and often forward them to others.

  29. I’d say three times a week. You do contribute an awful lot so if you have to pull away, three would be a good number–if that’s too tough given your present focus, then two, minimum.  

  30. I read every post you make…three days would be sufficient. I have shared your blog with many friends who have been challenged and encouraged by your posts

  31. Thank you so much for your wisdom, practical help, and vulnerability. I love reading your posts, but as a busy homeschool mom and writer, I get excited about what you post but just don’t have time to digest all the great information.

    Just an idea….Since we are all greatly inspired by your wisdom , maybe you could post 2-3 wisdom/thought shaping/quick advice posts and then 1-2 ‘loaded’ ones….

    Thanks again for all you do…you are making a big difference in the world.

  32. I voted for 3.  I love your content, but honestly, if I read every post and listed to the weekly podcast I would probably be spending too much time with you…my wife might get jealous :)

    Michael, it was a pleasure meeting you at “A Day About Books”.  I consider you a kind of “mentor”, so please don’t take my comment the wrong way.  Just thinking in terms of balance and intentional living.

    Thank you for giving your readers a voice!

  33. Michael, I enjoy your post, and I understand that it takes time…………….  and we only have  so much of that precious thing called time!!! Please post at least once a week!!! I also follow you on Twitter……. I would encourage you to continue to tweet daily. I would like to also let you know that my life is much better since God brought you into my life through your blog…………….. Thank God!!! One last thing I would recommend that others buy your book Platform it has helped me a bunch………..!!! Don’t forget to send me my commission! Lol………….. Ken

  34. Voted 3. But which ever way you go, you won’t lose me! I tend to be organized but you helped me a lot. Not just productivity, life planning and leadership too! You are SO not losing me! Blessings!

  35. Michael, I enjoy your post, and I understand that it takes time…………….  and we only have  so much of that precious thing called time!!! Please post at least once a week!!! I also follow you on Twitter……. I would encourage you to continue to tweet daily. I would like to also let you know that my life is much better since God brought you into my life through your blog…………….. Thank God!!! One last thing I would recommend that others buy your book Platform it has helped me a bunch………..!!! Don’t forget to send me my commission! Lol………….. Ken

  36. Daily is not to often for me but ultimately you are the only one that can determine what is right for your schedule, priorities and goals.  How often do you have guest posts? Perhaps they can fill in the gaps.  Knowing they have been approved by you I can be assured of reading quality content every day – whether it’s yours or someone you have approved as a guest.

  37. Probably you wouldn’t have reached the position you have with all these regular readers had you not blogged so often. But it takes a lot of effort… Your blogging has however helped me a lot the past few months!!! Thanks!

  38. Totally agree. Mr. Hyatt does excellent posts, however like you, I just don’t have the time work through all of his along with all the other bloggers that I read. One or two posts a week would ensure that I get to read everyone he posts. 

  39. I subscribe to several blogs, but yours is the one I read first thing every morning every single day It is wonderfully uplifting, inspirational, and educational. I would miss the posts, but I certainly would look forward to viewing your new content. Best wishes.

    • No, I don’t think so. In fact, I am considering eliminating them. I am finding that reviewing and editing them takes almost as much effort as writing an original post.

      • Personally, I enjoy reading the guest posts as well.  It’s a good way to get exposure to new material, and it saves me the time of having to weed through the garbage.  I’m confident that you would only post quality content!

  40. As much as I love your content it is difficult to keep & interact w/ the community you’ve built since you started publishing every week day. Especially, since you launched the weekly podcast (which is awesome, btw) I think 3x a week is plenty.

    Like you’ve said before, “consistency is key”. Godspeed on your projects.

  41. I would personally like to see 2-3 good posts per week. Time is limited for everyone.

    It is hard to engage on the site every day of the week. I am personally decreasing my posts on my website to about 1-2 per week because of time.

    It would probably be a good move for you to cut back on the amount of posts to focus on more projects.

    Obviously, you will still have the readers here engaged no matter what you choose. For a smaller website like mine, do you think it will benefit me to cut back to 1-2 posts per week as opposed to 3-4?


  42. I voted for 2, but 3 isn’t a bad idea. I would say cut down on repetitive content, and avoid shallow content – “How to’s” that most people could come up with themself. Go for gold, not for cheap.

  43. I read your content daily.  I would hate to see it decrease in frequency.  

    With that said, I wonder if providing only a transcript of your podcast (which you could outsource) would free up a day of effort.

    Seriously enjoy your blog.

  44. If I had more time, I’d read your all your blogs, Michael. I think three days per week is perfect to give your avid readers plenty to ponder and you time for other things.

  45. Michael, Please post only once-a-month so the rest of us bloggers can at least TRY to catch up.

  46. This post was very helpful. I agree–that too many posts means that most don’t get read. Unsubscribes increase. We all have just so many hours in a day…can’t read and digest everything


  48. You’d add me as a more frequent reader… great stuff… you and Seth Godin ~ but way too much in my in box.

  49. I read several blogs, having started with (en)courage.  I feel overrun with daily blogs at this point.  I really enjoy  them, but I wish they all posted just once a week so I wouldn’t spend so much time reading them.
    On the other hand, I do not blog on a regular basis. I try to post 2 a month and am hoping to increase to 1 a week.

  50. Why do anything on Tuesdays & Thursdays? Why not just be ‘silent’ on those days. “Distraction” is the biggest battle we face. It’s just as distracting to take a ‘quick look’ as it is to read a full blog. The idea that anyone has to be heard from on a daily basis is a little narcissistic I think, perhaps a product of Facebook and Twitter.

  51. I’m all about quality over quantity. If blogging less causes you to produce even better posts, then go for it.

    I would probably say 3 posts and a podcast.

  52. I thank you for posing this question to your readers instead of assuming what people want to see.  I do have a slight alternative (which may have been suggested in the comments): plan on 2-3 times a week and have the others taken up by guest posts.  I’m not sure how involved you are personally in approving these, but not only would it free up your time it would also allow others to share their message on this enormous platform you’ve built.

    Will you still be podcasting weekly?  I sure hope so, I do enjoy them very much.
    God bless!

    • Thanks, Mark. Actually, I am going to be discontinuing guest posts altogether—at least for a season. I find these take about as much effort for me to review and edit as writing an original post. They really don’t fit into my personal mission or the purpose of my blog, except in rare situations.
      I will definitely be continuing my podcasts!

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