Replay of the Platform-Building Teleseminar with Jeff Goins

Several months ago, I hosted a teleseminar with Jeff Goins. If you don’t know, Jeff is a full-time author, blogger, and speaker. I wanted to re-post it here as a way of introducing you to his Tribe Writers course (more about that in a minute).

Jeff Goins at the Platform Conference

We had some technical challenges in the call when we were both suddenly dropped by Skype—twice!—but we kept forging ahead. Regardless, Jeff shared some powerful content for anyone who is serious about building an online platform.

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Specifically, Jeff explained how he:

Join Me for a FREE Platform-Building Teleseminar with Jeff Goins

I’d like to invite you to join me and my friend Jeff Goins for a free, LIVE platform-building teleseminar on Thursday, June 20th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central, 6:00 p.m. Mountain, 5:00 p.m. Pacific).

Jeff Goins Speaking at the 2013 Platform Conference

2013 Platform Conference, Nashville, Tennessee

During the call, I’ll be interviewing Jeff, who will share how he …

What Social Media Stats Should You Include in Your Book Proposal?

A few weeks ago, an author friend of mine was preparing a proposal for his new book. He called to ask me what social media stats he should include. In other words, what would be meaningful to prospective publishers? This is a great question.

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Agents and publishers are looking for authors with meaningful platforms. Most look at specific social media stats as a proxy for this. These stats include those specifically related to blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.

Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post

This is a guest post by Jeff Goins. He is a writer and missions mobilizer. He lives in Nashville with his wife and dog. You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Although I’ve been blogging since 2005, I still feel like a newbie, sometimes. For years, I’ve wondered, “Why is nobody reading what I’m writing?” Maybe you’ve asked the same question.

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I’m beginning to discover the answer. It has to do with community.

Do You Have to Respond to Every Blog Comment?

As a blogger, I love getting comments. This is one major way in which blogging is different from all other forms of writing. You get near-instant feedback. This is tremendously gratifying, but it can also be a challenge to keep up with them.

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Over the last six months, I have seen my average number of comments per post double. This has been due, I think, to four reasons:

How to Use Google Reader to Keep Up with Your Favorite Blogs

I follow more than 200 blogs. I am often asked, “How do you do it? That would take me forever!” It would me, too—if I tried to visit all of these blogs daily. But using an RSS Reader, I can stay current by spending less than 30 minutes a day.

If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

In this post, I want to show you how to set up Google Reader and then use it to keep up with your favorite blogs. This is not a post for “power users,” though even they might pick up a tip or two. It is intended for novices—people who are not even sure what RSS is.

What Are They Saying About You Online?

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about you, your brand, or your organization online. Right now. Do you know what they are saying? Do you like what they are saying?

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As I have outlined previously, one important component of a social media strategy is building an “outpost.” This is a sort of intelligence agency or “listening station” that allows you to monitor online conversations. Anytime someone says anything about my company—or me—online, I know within minutes.

Social Media and the New Culture of Sharing

This morning as I was running, I listened to Episode 99 of the Catalyst Podcast. It was an interview that Brad Lomenick did with Charlene Li, author of the new book, Open Leadership.

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One thing in particular grabbed my attention. Brad asked her what has changed in the last two to three years in terms of social media. She said,

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Online

It’s inevitable. If you are successful as a blogger, people are going to steal your content. You’ll wake up one morning to a Google Alert, notifying you that your name was mentioned on another blog.

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Great, you’ll think, I love free publicity. I also know that “inbound links” help increase my search engine rankings.