7 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Becoming More Productive

Stop Letting Distractions Hold You Back

If you are feeling distracted and unfocused, here are seven steps for becoming more productive. They are not that revolutionary on their own. But practiced together, they are like a defibrillator for that stuck project that’s still on your to-do list.

How I Optimize My iPhone for Maximum Productivity

All the Apps on My Home Screen and How I Use Them

I’ve owned an iPhone since 2007. It’s become one of the most important tools I possess. I use it for everything. Well, not everything. But close. Like a lot of executives, when the iPhone debuted I used a BlackBerry. At the time, it was the perfect tool for email, contacts, my calendar, and limited Web […]

How to Set Yourself Up for a Productive Day

How to Set Yourself Up for a Productive Day

How many times has this happened to you? You go to bed after a long, unproductive day with the intention that tomorrow is going to be different. Then you wake up the next day and fall right back into the same old trap. It feels like you’re trapped inside your own private version of Groundhog […]