That eBook Thing Will Never Catch On

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the Amazon Kindle 2. However, whenever I write about it (as I did recently here and here), I always have someone who says, “I will never convert to an eBook reader. I just love the feel of a book in my hands.”

someone holding the amazon kindle 2 in their hand

I totally understand that sentiment, but imagine this:

  • In 1442, “I will never get used to a book. It doesn’t feel right. I just love the experience of unrolling a scroll and the beauty of hand-written words.” Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type and the mechanical printing press in 1439.
  • In 1881, “I will never convert to electric lights. It just isn’t natural. I love the smell of candles and the flickering of the light.” Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb in 1879.
  • In 1916, “I will never buy an automobile. It’s too dangerous. I just love of the feel of a buggy and the sound of the horse’s hoofs against the road.” Henry Ford began mass producing cars in 1914.

You may never convert to an eBook reader, but what about your children or grandchildren. I’m just sayin.’

Question: What about you? What would it take for you to convert?