The Catalyst One-Day Leadership Conference

Real leaders crave input. They read books and blogs. They listen to podcasts and CDs. And, they attend conferences. Why? Because they know that influence comes from generosity, and generosity is only possible if you have something to share.

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One of the best sources I know of for leadership input is Catalyst. They put on some of the best conferences on the planet. I attended their leadership conference last October in Atlanta with about fifteen of my colleagues from Thomas Nelson. It was an awesome experience. I am also speaking at Catalyst West Coast in April. Bottom line: I am a Catalyst fanboy—and proud of it!

What I didn’t know until recently is that Catalyst also puts on a one-day conference called—cleverly—“Catalyst One Day.” It will be held on March 25, 2010 at Willow Creek Church in Chicago.

Catalyst One Day is a leadership experience featuring Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. These are two of my favorite leaders. (In fact, I recently interviewed Andy about his new book and then reviewed Craig’s new book as well.) I am planning to attend with several of my staff.

I am especially excited about the theme of Momentum. Andy and Craig will discuss the secrets to creating and sustaining it in your organization. This promises to be a day packed with insight from two of the most important authorities on leadership today.

In my view, this is a can’t-miss opportunity for practical leadership application. In addition to their presentations, Andy and Craig will do several Q&A sessions with the audience—always my favorite part of any conference. In addition, I am looking forward to the opportunity to connect with other leaders.

While the Catalyst One Day event will be held in four cities in 2010, Chicago is the next one scheduled. Brad Lomenick, the executive director of Catalyst, tells me it is filling up fast. (The Catalyst event this past fall in Atlanta was sold-out.) However, he has made a special discounted rate of $99 available until this Friday, January 29 to my blog readers. Use rate code “MHB” to receive this special rate.

Seating is limited, so register now. You can thank me in person in Chicago. ;-)

Question: If you have attended a Catalyst event in the past, what was your favorite part?