The Estrogen Zone

My wife, Gail, and I spent the last 24 hours at our Women of Faith offices in Dallas, Texas. Last night we had dinner at Luci Swindoll’s home. Her brother, Chuck, and his wife, Cynthia, joined us for dinner, along with Barry and Sheila Walsh, Marilyn Meberg, and Nicole Johnson, all speakers for Women of Faith. Mary Graham, President of Women of Faith, and her roommate, Ney Bailey, were also present.

We had more fun than adults should be allowed to have without supervision. We discussed the books we were reading or wanting to read, the movies we had just seen or were on our list, and the fun and difficult things that are happening in our families. We laughed until our jaws were sore and celebrated the joy of being alive. It was one of those cherished moments that makes my heart swell with gratitude to God.

Today, Women of Faith hosted their “Annual Kickoff” meeting for their staff. (We have about 80 employees in Texas.) We had a wonderful luncheon. Several of our executives flew in from Nashville. I gave a talk on, “Remembering the Unchangeable in the Midst of Constant Change.” Like our Nashville office, the last year has been full of change for our team in Dallas. Though they had a record-breaking year in virtually every category, they have had to step up to a new level of performance. This is not always easy or painless. Change is always hard. Nevertheless, our core purpose and values remain constant.

As a husband of twenty-seven years, a father of five daughters, and a grandfather of two granddaughters, I am never more comfortable than when I am in a room full of women—especially these women. As I told the Women of Faith staff—and with apologies to John Eldredge—I thrive in an estrogen-rich zone. The day was a delight, and I was sorry that it ended.

Nevertheless, I sent Gail back to Nashville with our Nashville-based executives. I then headed to Milwaukee where I will spend tomorrow talking with some of our current and prospective institutional investors.

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