The Growing Interest in Spiritual Things

If the New York Times bestseller lists are any indication, people are more interested in spiritual things now than ever.

Man with outstretched arms

I can’t remember a single time when there have been more Christian books on the New York Times bestseller lists. The April 20, 2008 list, which is published on the Internet one week in advance of the print version, has eleven Christian books on the various lists. This is huge. I can’t remember a time when there were more.

Here are the books. Disclaimer: The fact that I list the book is not an endorsement of the book. Caveat emptor. (If you want to purchase a particular book, visit your local Christian retailer.)

This, of course, doesn’t include other “spiritual books” that some wouldn’t consider “evangelical.” These include:

As I said, I can’t remember a time when people have been more interested in spiritual things. This is good news for Christian publishers and good news for Christian retailers. Despite what we hear through the media, we should take heart. This is a moment in time that I believe is very significant and very unique.

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