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This Is Your Life™ is my weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership. My goal is to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence.

I post the podcast on Monday morning of each week. If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free.

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We completed Season 8 of “This is Your Life” on September 26, 2016. The podcast is currently on hiatus while we design a new and improved show. We’ll be airing some fan favorites in the meantime and will debut the new format in the new year. So stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy some of our popular episodes from the past 8 seasons below.

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Podcast Archive
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82If You Want to Be Successful, Be Less Accessible 06/20/2016
81The Mindset That Will Limit Your Future 06/13/2016
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71310 Reasons Every Leader Needs a Blog 05/09/2016
712My Advice to New Bloggers 05/02/2016
7115 Ways to Build Trust with Your Tribe 04/25/2016
710How To Frustrate Those You Lead 04/18/2016
79My Top 10 Productivity Hacks 04/11/2016
78Leadership at the Symphony 04/04/2016
776 Strategies to Become a Better Conversationalist 03/28/2016
76Achieve More By Sleeping More 03/21/2016
75Advice to New CEOs 03/14/2016
745 Strategies for Building New Habits 03/07/2016
73Why You Need a Life Plan Now 02/29/2016
72How to Discern Your Calling 02/22/2016
71How Vision Affects Productivity 02/15/2016
612Blow Up Your Blog! 01/25/2016
611How to Lead Your Leader 01/18/2016
610How to Delegate Without a Staff 01/11/2016
69How to Become a Morning Person 01/04/2016
68How to Boost Your Energy 12/28/2015
67How to Become a Big Thinker 12/21/2015
66How to Finally Achieve Your Dream 12/14/2015
65Want More Twitter Followers? 12/07/2015
64How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty 11/30/2015
63Change Your Story, Change Your Life 11/23/2015
62Your Guide to Greatness 11/16/2015
61The Transformative Power of Suffering 11/09/2015
513Trash Your To-Do List 11/02/2015
5124 Easy Steps to Affair-Proof Your Marriage 10/26/2015
511The Treasure in the Trials 10/21/2015
510How to Safeguard Your Most Important Asset 10/14/2015
59Banish the Guilt About Making Money 10/07/2015
58Why It’s Time for You to Stop Trying 09/30/2015
57The Easy Way to Avoid a Hiring Fail 09/23/2015
56The Danger in Dirty Words 09/16/2015
55How to Finally Achieve Work-Life Balance 09/09/2015
54Permission to Turn the Page 09/02/2015
53How to Wreck Your Future 08/26/2015
52Nature’s Calling 08/19/2015
51Escape the Overwhelm 08/12/2015
413How Can I Wow My Clients And Set Boundaries? 07/29/2015
412What if the Barriers Were Only in Your Head? 07/22/2015
411Escape Perfectionism Once and for All 07/15/2015
410The Hidden Dangers of Sitting 07/08/2015
49Don’t Bite That Apple 07/01/2015
48Goal Setting for Beginners 06/24/2015
47How to Achieve More by Sleeping More 06/17/2015
46Watch Your Mouth 06/10/2015
45Getting the Most Out of Evernote 06/03/2015
44The Secret Power of Smiling 05/27/2015
43Why Learning to Lead Means Learning to Follow 05/20/2015
42Setting Up Camp in the Discomfort Zone 05/13/2015
41The One Way to Guarantee You Won’t Succeed 05/06/2015
313Why Is Retirement a Terrible Idea? 04/08/2015
312The Disciplined Pursuit of Less 04/01/2015
311How to Lead Transformational Conversations 03/25/2015
310The Real Difference Between the Wise and the Foolish 03/18/2015
39Making Peace with an Unexpected Life 03/11/2015
38How to Write a Blog Post in 70 Minutes or Less 03/04/2015
37How to Build Your Platform in 30 Minutes a Day 02/25/2015
36How to Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend 02/18/2015
35The Top-10 Characteristics of Lousy Leaders 02/11/2015
34Don’t Quit Before the Whistle Blows 02/04/2015
33The Right Way to Fire the Wrong Person 01/28/2015
32The Right Way to Hire the Right People 01/21/2015
31How You Can Better Control Your Time 01/14/2015
213How Do You Decide What Content to Give Away for Free (and 12 Other Listener Questions) 12/31/2014
212My Craziest, Most Memorable Christmas Stories 12/24/2014
211The 5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes Leaders Make 12/17/2014
21010 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Setting Goals (and How to Fix Them) 12/10/2014
29The 3 Forces That Shape Character 12/03/2014
27How Book Publishing Has Changed and What it Means for You 11/26/2014
26What to Do When You Are Forced to Wait 11/19/2014
25How to Confront Someone Who Offends You (Or Others) Without Ruining Your Relationship 11/12/2014
24My Top Ten Favorite Books of All Time 11/05/2014
23Grow Your Social Media Following with These 10 Different Kinds of Posts 10/29/2014
22Why Accountability Is Vital for Leaders Who Want to Make a Big Difference 10/22/2014
21What If You Could Take a One-Month Sabbatical? 10/15/2014
113 How Do I Transition Out of My Corporate Job to Work for Myself? (and Other Listener Questions) 10/08/2014
112 Are You a Leader? 12 Ways to Know for Sure 10/01/2014
111 The 5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand 09/24/2014
110 How to Lead from the Heart—4 Practices 09/10/2014
19 Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast So They Don’t Eat Your Lunch 09/03/2014
18 Twenty Questions to Ask Other Leaders 08/27/2014
17 Why Doing Less Is the Best Way to Do More 08/20/2014
16 The Top 10 Mistakes Bloggers Make 08/13/2014
15 How to Create Team Alignment That Drives Results 08/06/2014
14 Seven Strategies for Building Your Email List 07/30/2014
13 Three Questions Every Leader Must Answer to Avoid the Drift 07/23/2014
12 The 6 Rules for More Effective Slide Presentations 07/16/2014
11 The 5 Benefits of Collaboration 07/09/2014
0100 The Next 100 Episodes and How I Plan to Change Things Up 06/25/2014
099 Are You Investing Your Best Resources in the Wrong People? 06/18/2014
098 How to Regain Interior Margin Through the Practice of Stillness 06/11/2014
097 How to Do More of What You Love (And Less of What You Don’t) 06/04/2014
096 What Leaders Need Even More Than the Right Answers 05/28/2014
095 How to Make $150,000 This Year from Your Platform 05/21/2014
094 15 Amazing Lessons I Learned from Bad Bosses 05/16/2014
093 10 Reasons Every Leader Needs a Blog 05/07/2014
092 The Single Biggest Reason Leaders Struggle with Delegation 04/30/2014
091 If You Want to be Successful, Stop Being So Accessible 04/23/2014
090 How to Discern Your Calling 04/16/2014
089 4 Difficult Sentences for Leaders (And Why You Must Get Good at Saying Them) 03/26/2014
088 What CEOs and Other Leaders Must Do to Create a Values-Driven Organization 03/19/2014
087 How to Monetize Your Platform 03/12/2014
086 What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed 03/05/2014
085 What to Do If You Work for a Bad Boss 02/26/2014
084 Why Effective Leaders Cannot Afford to Be Easily Offended 02/19/2014
083 5 Strategies for Becoming a Better Conversationalist 02/05/2014
082 How to Keep Your Team Aligned During Times of Intense Change 01/29/2014
081 How to Create More Margin in Your Crazy-Busy Life 01/22/2014
080 5 Reasons to Speak Well of Your Spouse in Public 01/15/2014
079 5 Ways to Build Rapport and Trust with Your Audience 01/08/2014
078 Replay of Live Q&A Call About Goal-Setting 01/01/2014
077 How to Find a Mentor to Take You Further, Faster 12/18/2013
076 An Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk 12/11/2013
075 My Top 10 Productivity Hacks 12/04/2013
074 How to Frustrate Those You Lead (Are You Making These 13 Mistakes?) 11/27/2013
073 Advice to New CEOs (or Those Who Want to Be) 11/20/2013
072 5 Strategies for Building New Habits 11/13/2013
071 Help! I Married An Entrepreneur, Part 3 11/06/2013
070 Help! I Married An Entrepreneur, Part 2 10/30/2013
069 Help! I Married An Entrepreneur, Part 1 10/23/2013
068 Sleep and Your Productivity 10/16/2013
067 How to Have Better Dinner Conversations 10/09/2013
066 The Difference Between the Wise and the Foolish (and Why It Matters to You) 10/02/2013
065 Why You—Yes, YOU!—Should Consider Writing a Book 09/04/2013
064 Two Kinds of Thinkers: Which One Are You? 08/28/2013
063 Watch Your Mouth: How Our Words Impact Others 08/21/2013
062 Dealing with High Maintenance Clients 08/14/2013
061 How To Coach Your Boss 08/07/2013
Encore A Peek Inside My Toolbox 07/31/2013
Encore Change Your Story, Change Your Life 07/24/2013
Encore The 7 Benefits of Keeping a Journal 07/17/2013
Encore How to Overcome the Resistance 07/10/2013
Encore How to Develop More Discipline 07/03/2013
060 How Do Busy Leaders Find Time for Social Media 06/26/2013
059 What I Learned About Leadership from a Fight with My Wife 06/19/2013
058 How to Create More Mental Focus 06/12/2013
057 Why You Must Confront Seemingly Indispensable but Disrespectful Team Members 06/05/2013
056 Who Are Your Trusted Advisors? 05/29/2013
055 How to Read a Non-Fiction Book 05/22/2013
054 So You’re Overcommitted. Now What? 05/15/2013
053 How to Become a Morning Person 05/08/2013
052 The Power in Choosing Your Response 05/01/2013
051 How to Build (or Rebuild) Trust 04/24/2013
050 8 Leadership Lessons from a Symphony Conductor 04/17/2013
049 The 3 Components of Job Satisfaction 04/10/2013
048 The 5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders 04/03/2013
047 The Lost Art of Note-Taking 03/27/2013
046 How To Get More Twitter Followers–Legitimately 03/20/2013
045 A Peek Inside My Toolbox 03/13/2013
044 How to Overcome the Resistance 03/06/2013
043 How to Delegate Even If You Don’t Have a Staff 02/27/2013
042 The Fine Art of Delegation 02/20/2013
041 7 Actions to Take Before You Quit Your Job 02/13/2013
040 Get Out of That Funk 02/06/2013
039 The 7 Benefits of Keeping a Journal 01/30/2013
038 Change Your Story, Change Your Life 01/23/2013
037 8 Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr. 01/16/2013
036 How to Develop More Discipline 01/09/2013
035 The Importance of the Leader’s Heart 12/05/2012
034 Make Your E-mail Messages More Effective and Professional 11/28/2012
033 My Answers to Listener Questions 11/21/2012
032 How to Create a Life Plan 11/14/2012
031 My Advice to Beginning Bloggers 11/07/2012
030 9 Rules for Leading More Productive Meetings 10/31/2012
029 7 Rules for More Effective Slide Presentations 10/24/2012
028 Become More Productive by Reengineering Your Morning Ritual 10/10/2012
027 How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty 10/03/2012
026 How to Lead in Turbulent Times 09/26/2012
025 4 Commitments for Building a Successful, Long-Term Marriage 09/06/2012
024 How to Become a Happy Person Others Want to Be Around 08/30/2012
023 Operating in Your Strengths Zone 08/22/2012
022 My Best Advice for First-Time Authors, Part 2 08/15/2012
020 3 Strategies for Taking Your Life to the Next Level 08/01/2012
019 What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (And What We Can Do About It) 07/25/2012
018 7 Steps to Getting the Most from Your Vacation 06/27/2012
017 7 Keys to Writing a Killer Blog Post 06/20/2012
016 The How of Wow 06/13/2012
015 How Leaders Can Create Alignment 06/06/2012
014 Building Your Platform, Part 2 05/30/2012
013 Building Your Platform, Part 1 05/23/2012
012 The 5 Marks of Authentic Leadership 05/16/2012
011 The Secret Power of Naps 05/09/2012
010 How to Shave 10 Hours Off Your Work Week 05/02/2012
09 Is Work-Life Balance Really Possible? 04/25/2012
08 How to Benefit from Setbacks and Failures 04/18/2012
07 The Importance of Asking the Right Question 04/11/2012
06 The Power of Incremental Change 04/04/2012
05 How to Take Control of Your E-mail Inbox 03/27/2012
04 Seven Steps to Thinking Bigger 03/20/2012
03 The Relationship Between Vision and Productivity 02/28/2012
02 10 Practical Ways to Boost Your Energy Level 02/21/2012
01 10 Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic 02/14/2012