Why Now Is the Time to Grow Your Platform (Not a Week from Now)

Wow! The reaction to my new video series, Your Platform Makeover, has been phenomenal. People have really loved watching Jackie Bledsoe’s platform transformation and learning the simple steps it takes to create a transformation of their own.

Here’s the great news. What we revealed in the video series is only the beginning.

If you feel like your message is getting lost in the crowd, now’s your chance to join the one online community that can skyrocket your blog’s traffic, growth, and impact through focused training, insider tips, and an engaged group of committed platform-builders just like you.

Signup for Platform University today and get the inspiration, training, and tools you need to skyrocket your platform. Registration closes in just seven days and won’t reopen until 2015. Click here to sign up.

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If you’ve got something to say or sell, there is nothing more frustrating than silence. We pour our hearts and souls into our message. When it gets lost in all the noise and fails to connect, the discouragement can be paralyzing. Does anybody care?

They do! But you have to have the right tools and approach to stand out from the crowded marketplace. That’s exactly what you’ll get by enrolling in Platform University.

I founded Platform University late in 2012 and launched it in 2013. I have never been more proud of a project than I am of this one. It has helped over ten thousand people expand their influence and connect their message to the people who need it most. It can help you, too.

By joining our online membership community you’ll get exclusive access to game-changing video content designed to help you build your platform and accomplish big goals faster than you thought possible, while avoiding the most common—and costly—mistakes.

When you join, you’ll get several significant benefits that will give you an edge in an overcrowded marketplace:

  1. Practical training from world-class experts. Each month, we deliver an exclusive video Master Class with a world-renown platform-builder. Here’s are some of the classes you can access as soon as you join:
    • “Using Facebook to Create Massive Engagement” with Amy Porterfield.
    • “How to Finally Post Consistently on Your Blog” with Jeff Goins.
    • “How to Make $150,000 This Year from Your Platform” with Dan Miller.
    • “The Busy Person’s Guide to Building a Platform” with Crystal Paine.
    • “Build a Cash-Generating Email List” with Derek Halpern.
    • And I teach you personally “How to Grow Your Social Media Following in 30 Minutes a Day” and “How to Write Your Next Blog Post in 70 Minutes or Less.”
  2. Direct access to me. One of the main reasons I created Platform University was to go deeper with people who were ready. I do it three ways in Platform University:
    • Every month I walk you backstage and share via video some aspect of my own business with you. It’s one-of-a-kind visibility into the workflows, tools, and resources I use to lead my tribe and run my business.
    • Each month my daughter Megan, Dean of Platform University, and I conduct a thorough member makeover, personally coaching someone from the community on how to reboot their platform—and almost everything we cover is applicable to the whole community.
    • I also host a monthly live conference call with our members. This is your opportunity to get specific questions answered and learn from everyone else. I also participate in the discussion forums as I am able.
  3. Support from a community of fellow travelers. This is huge. Building your platform can feel lonely at times, which is why we have placed a high value on community and creating opportunities for our members to interact with one another.

    The Discussion Forums offer a safe and supportive place to share your challenges and setbacks—and your victories. It’s a great place to gain insight and inspiration from the collective wisdom of serious platform-builders like yourself.

Platform University isn’t for everyone, but if you want to reach more people, monetize your influence and have maximum impact, then I’m betting it is.

It’s only $30 a month—less than a dollar a day. And there’s no risk; you can cancel your membership at any time.

You cannot, however, join at any time. Public enrollment to Platform University only happens twice a year. Registration closes Wednesday, September 17, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. The next time the rolls open up won’t be until 2015. I strongly encourage you to join today.

If you act now, you’ll have exclusive access to expert training and a likeminded community to encourage, teach, and lean on.

Ask yourself, what could your platform look like—or think bigger, what could your life look like—in six months if you took advantage of this limited-time offer?

Signup for Platform University today and get the inspiration, training, and tools you need to skyrocket your platform. Registration closes in just seven days and won’t reopen until 2015. Click here to sign up.

Click Here for Membership Details

Question: What would a larger, more engaged platform mean for you in six months?

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