One Secret to Reading More

People tell me all the time that they know they should be reading more but can’t find the time. They also tell me they know they should be exercising but can’t find the time.

I have good news. You can kill two birds with one stone. All you have to do is join and listen to audio books while you exercise. I have been doing this for years. It’s one of the reasons I am able to read as much as I do and stay in shape.

The Audible app for iPhone is terrific. You can listen to books at normal speed, 1.5x, or even 2x. It really enables you to cover a lot of ground at once. I can usually read about a book a week using the Audible app.

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17 thoughts on “One Secret to Reading More

  1. Great Idea. I’ll look into this because I need to do both! I would imagine you cannot highlight anything…how do you make note of an awesome thought or quote from the book . Can you mark it somehow?

      • I do both – read/listen (if it’s a classic read or someone has highly recommended it) and use WhisperVoice to keep them in sync. The hard part is slowing down my exercise to type! So I simply put a bookmark number in (#1, #2, #84…) the bookmark sections of Audible, and then jump over to my voice recorder on the same iphone, repeat the Bookmark number (eg #84) and then record my thoughts. The recorder automatically uploads to my mac when in wifi range. I can keep my pace while I exercise. I hike for 100 -150 minutes every morning so I get about 2 hours of listening reading in. Very effective. If I want to go further/deeper with the info, I can go to the book (always kindle on my ipad unless not available) and study deeper, take notes and

        quotes, etc.

  2. Also, the audible books of which you also own the digital kindle copy will sync their locations. So you can transition from listening on your commute to reading in bed and not lose your place.

  3. Hi Michael! I love, love, love the Audible app! I started running and reading just like this thanks to your morning routine post.

    Since you mention the listening speed…what speed do you listen to books? Must be fast in order to cover one book a week.


  4. This app is great. I have been using this app for years and it is the primary way that I consume books. With having 30 minutes of commute time each way to work, I am able to knock out a few books each month.

  5. Also, many public libraries offer downloadable audio books these days. It’s a wonderful alternative to paying for a subscription.

  6. I began using Audible a few months ago thanks to your past mentions, Michael, and do appreciate the ability to speed up the reading. I only allow myself to listen to a book when I exercise, so if I’m into a good book, the incentive is high to work out. :)

  7. Not sure how I missed this in November, but it was my love of the Audible app that prompted me last year to launch a reading-focused podcast.

    I was obliterating my reading goal, thanks to Audible, when I realized interviewing an author every week would be something I’d not only love to do, but I could also scratch the itch of wanting to share what I was learning with others, while encouraging them to read more.

    I like to think it combines the best of both ways I love to learn: Podcasts and Audiobooks.

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