Top Ten Posts of November 2009

In case you missed them, here are the posts that generated the most reader engagement last month as measured by

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  1. Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?
  2. Book Notes: Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell
  3. Book Notes: Derailed by Tim Irwin
  4. Why Agents May Be Opposed to Self-Publishing
  5. Friends, Critics, and Trolls
  6. Five Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Twitter
  7. An Invitation to My Mentoring Group
  8. The Space Between the Stimulus and the Response
  9. Don’t Leave the “Social” Out of Social Media
  10. The Gentle Art of Conversational Ping Pong

If you are a blogger, you should be using It provides far more information that Google Analytics alone. It is specifically designed to measure “engagement events”: the individual actions readers take online as a result of your post.

For example, my top post had the following:

Number Description
12,339 Page Views
393 Twitter Retweets
221 Delicious Tags
175 Blog Comments
9 Digg Tags
9 Digg Tags provides you with this information for every post. I find it very helpful in determining which posts are connecting with my readers.

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