Update: Top Ten Publishers in America

We just re-ran our list of the top ten publishers in America. Michael Cader at PublishersLunch.com pointed out that I had separated St. Martin’s Press from all the other Holtzbrinck imprints. (Holtzbrinck is the parent company of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Henry Holt, MacMillan, and, of course, St. Martin’s.)

To Trade Publishers

I asked Cletis Fisher, our database guru, to re-run the report, consolidating all the Holtzbrinck imprints. I also asked him to add Multnomah Books to Random House, since they were recently acquired by RH.

Top Christian Publishers

Nothing has changed in the overall ranking. We are still the number one Christian publisher and the number six trade publisher. (Click on the above thumbnail images to see larger PDFs.)

A few people have asked how in the world John Wiley and Scholastic could be smaller than Thomas Nelson. Keep in mind that our ranking only considers trade sales. Both Wiley and Scholastic have giant academic, professional and technical, and—in Scholastic’s case—book fair programs.

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