In this backstage interview at the Chick-fil-A Leadercast 2012, I asked Marcus Buckingham about authenticity and its role in leadership. We discussed how this builds trust and why our choices are so important. I also asked him about his newest book, Stand Out: Find Your Edge, Win at Work, and how our strengths help us make better, more authentic choices.

This would be another great interview to watch with your team, take notes, and then discuss.

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12 thoughts on “An Interview with Marcus Buckingham About Authenticity

  1. Interesting that he defines authenticity as having our unique imperfections.  It is important to be consistent with who we represent ourselves online and in person, it does build trust.  Stephen Covey makes some great points in his book “Speed of Trust” that align with this.

  2. Hi Michael. This is a great interview. I particularly like how encouraging you are during the interview- and how, as a result, he was so compelling. 

    So, Authentic leadership- Consistently demonstrating who you are. Sharing your dreams for the future so vividly that you give people the confidence to follow you. The best description I have heard in years. 

    This resonates powerfully with what we see really successful companies doing. Take Slingshot SEO’s leadership team for example. They are growing revenue at something like 800% pa- year after year. They were a marketing agency but it did not feel right. So they decided to focus on SEO- with the a vivid dream of making each and every customer really successful. They only work with companies they think deserve to be successful. The power of their success is incredible. 

    I could give many other examples…… 

    Thanks for sharing this. Jane

  3. I love the concept of leadership being the ability to influence one other person. I believe our commitment to just that is what translates to our impact and influence over many ‘persons’ 

  4. This is an excellent interview, Michael.  Your blog is at the top of my “must read” list and Marcus Buckingham’s writings on leadership have impacted me for over a decade.  

    In the world we live in today, authenticity has taken center stage.  We see so many people whom we see through quickly, and others who hide their true character only to disappoint us, that authenticity jumps out when we encounter it.

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

  5. Michael your site facinated me and as I was perusing around I get the awful feeling that you are just selling selling selling. Yes you do provide some good nuggets but the lines blurs to what is worthy and what you are selling. Now I see this interview with Buckingham. OMG I remember Marcus when Oprah had him on years ago and then followed him and then started to peel the onion and even posted on his site.I have to tell you he is the biggest BSer there ever was. He is the biggest phony. When you challege him on this BS he reveals what a phony he is. He didn’t support his positions either he would just attack. He was not Mr. Cool at all. If you are interviewing this guy at some sort of paid conference that some fast food chain put on then this whole thing is sooooo contrived. You are scraping the bottom of the barrell for sure. I will look for the free nuggets here but I will not buy anything since I really question whether you are in fact providing enough info for the public. I can’t afford to pay for your learning curve. You should already be there in order to charge for it. So many are doing this type of site only giving out bits here and there to keep the carrrot dangling to continue to sell sell sell. How convenient you are learning and charging all at the same time. Is your site original not really. Just more fancy selling and trying to hook folks into your web. Says more about the NY Times list than anything else.

  6. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for posting this. I almost never get as excited to influence and lead as when I see high-caliber leaders asking pertinent questions to other high-caliber leaders. What a joy.

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