The key to casting a compelling vision is to help people see what you see, by being concrete. This video by Corning envisions a future where technology is built on glass. Don’t believe that’s possible? This short video just might change your mind.

Question: What can you apply from this video for making your vision more concrete—and compelling? Share your answer on , , or .

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23 thoughts on “Cast a Compelling Vision by Being Concrete

  1. With things like this, we are rapidly approaching Jetson status. This is not the first time that I have seen this video, but each time I’m astounded by just how much further down the rabbit hole technology may take us. I suppose that focus and innovation were the two things that really spoke to me in this video.

  2. Great example of a “wow” vision – it also clearly shows what type of things could be possible within a context that is very real.
    …and in the future, I’ll consider stock in windex.

  3. How do we truly turn massive amounts of information into data that can be used as part of our everyday lives? That is what Corning is showing us. I have been playing with the of using a dashboard to do this at DoD. Now I am truly inspired to move forward with it.

  4. This is amazingly creative, and inspiring. Talk about a compelling vision. Imagine if they only achieved 1/2 of what is shown here. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. The video did a ton of things:

    1) They let the audience demo the product. Well, kind of, by showing the kids playing at the color table and the doctors doing the imaging. But they took you through the process instead of just giving you a snapshot.

    2) They showed you the benefits; how it affected everyday life.

    3) You still need text. Images are great, but they often raise questions that only text can answer, like, “That’s cool, but what exactly am I looking at?”

    4) Put it in a story. We got to follow them from sunup to sundown, and watch their day’s unfold.

    Incredible example. Thanks for sharing it, Michael.

  6. Wow that is incredible.
    I guess that, as well as a vision, on this occasion it is also an advert.

    It is a wonderful example of bringing a vision to life Michael.
    As you say, companies that make their vision concrete, engage people’s minds and enthusiasm and make them want to be a part of making it happen. With all our clients we get them to create pictures that are so vivid they can step into them. The results blow my mind. This is a great example.

    I always love your blog Michael. Pity you do not allow people to write for you any longer. I would be honoured.

    Many thanks. Jane

  7. Some of this looks like an episode of CSI!! :-). This is an awesomely descriptive vision. What can I apply? Applying my vision to multiple areas of life so that the usefulness can be made plain. From the interactive museum to watching the experience at home is a scene that rings true for me.

  8. Wow! Very, very impressive! As Jane said earlier in her comment, it is a wonderful example of bringing a vision to life.

  9. The key to casting a compelling vision is in the art of storytelling. There are many modes one may go about telling your story (from spoken word, written word, video, etc). Technology has provided many new modes and amplification methods. However, it still boils down to how well you can communicate your vision through the telling of a story that compels one to action. In this video, Corning did a masterful job of telling the story of how their technology will play an integral role in your daily life.

    One of my favorite thought leaders in this category is Michael Margolis (@getstoried), CEO/Founder of Get Storied. He actually wrote a compelling book presenting axioms that communicate his vision for the impact of good storytelling: “Believe Me – A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-makers & Innovators”

    I believe storytelling is key to communicating your compelling vision to two important audiences:

    1. Internal (your company and your people) – Defining/Connecting to your org Culture/Mission.

    2. External (your customers and vendor partners) – Branding – Defining/Connecting to your brand.

    The best organizations will be the ones which can be the most compelling storytellers in presenting their vision of culture, mission, and branding.

    What are some memorable storytelling examples you’ve come across?

    Edifying Cheers,


  10. Great way to inspire people and bring a vision to life. It’s great to
    see the world is always becoming better…not worse! So many nice things
    are waiting for us to happen. Life is truly miraculous. Whatever we
    want, we can create. What a gift that is! So let’s use it :)

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