All kidding aside, may you and yours experience the joy and peace of Christmas!

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30 thoughts on “Michael Hyatt Performing Some Christmas Music

  1. haha, you got me.  I was starting to think that there was nothing that you couldn’t do.  I wouldn’t put it past you next year to be actually playing that.  Merry Christmas!  Thanks for inspiring me to better myself daily!  

  2. Funny!  Michael thanks for all your hard work this year leading so many.  I’ve learned a lot since discovering your blog and most importantly you’ve been along with Seth Godin and some others an inspiration for me to begin leading my own tribe.  

    Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family.  


  3. We know that due to the effects of Prednisone and Ativan, you’re currently operating at about 80% capacity. And since, therefore, your piano playing isn’t at its usual level, you’ve resorted to a recording. Totally understandable. 

  4. What a fun YouTube Christmas “Card”! I wish you, your family and all your community at your site a great Christmas Time!

    I hope you enjoy this Christmas Clip I taped for a good friend of mine:


  5. Nice one Mike! .. I was laughing out loud.. Reminded me of the opening ceremony at the London Olympics with Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) at the LSO perfomance. If any one wants to see it, its here..

    Could be a bit of British humour (lol)

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