If this doesn’t inspire you to bless somebody today, I don’t know what will. Thanks to Chris Brogan for sharing it via his Google+ account.

Question: Who’s the biggest tipper you know? Share your answer on , , or .

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14 thoughts on “Prank It Forward

  1. This is such an awesome story.

    My husband is the best tipper I know. In college, he and his best friend started going to Applebees on a regular basis (read several nights each week) and started building relationships with the waiters and waitresses. Eventually they ask them which crowd was the worst tippers, and the waiters/waitresses said Sunday afternoon. For then on out, these two made it a point to leave better tips.

  2. Compassion in action is the most beautiful mountaint top view I have ever seen! Today you will meet many folks who are struggling, take a risk and smile. Smile and wave at every person you meet and say: “It’s good to see ya!”

  3. There’s always someone you can help. Even if you can’t give a car, a vacation or even a $20, giving the best tip you can afford, with courtesy and compassion, can go far. My dad never forgot people who were kind to him as a grocery delivery boy, and always treated waiter & waitresses courteously.

  4. Always remember to tip your waiter/waitress. Besides these folks work so hard for very little. And making their day a little better won’t cost you anything while you are out having a nice time. Love the clip!

  5. I don’t know about the “best”, but my mom is certainly the most generous tipper I know. 25% and then she rounds it UP! Needless to say, we don’t eat out many places with her.Lol NYC is expensive enough, right?!

  6. I am crying from joy that people care enough to do something like this for someone who cares so much. Would love to know what happens next in her life.

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