A lot of marketers make the mistake of pointing out the features of their products or services instead of focusing on the benefits. This video by Samsung cleverly illustrates, in a way that most any parent can relate to, the benefits of one of the features of the Galaxy S4.

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20 thoughts on “Benefits or Features?

  1. I heard the features vs benefits used to describe resumes and cover letters. A resume is the features you provide (details). The cover letter demonstrates your benefits (highlights on how you could rock the business)

  2. That’s a pretty hilarious video, but if that’s the best they can do to show it’s benefit, it’s hardly worth it. There are so many products that try to shove in features just to add bullet points to their description without thinking if they are even necessary.


    • Disagree with you. I think the NOISE is everywhere. They are setting themselves apart by letting you do other stuff, like listening to some NOISE, and then come back to what you where doing!

      I do think with the baby in his hands its pretty hilarious too. Their next video needs to be in a busy NYC station or waiting in line at the Food Trucks!

    • I think their point is to show one of the benefits of the “look away pause” feature that appeals to their target audience. Personally, as a father of a baby this commercial caught my attention and engaged me. They’re not trying to reach everybody – just their respective target audience.

  3. Cute & well crafted – good example.
    on a related note – I am glad Samsung chose not to show how this feature can improve your driving & viewing experience.

    • Hah, your comment reminded me of a billboard I saw this weekend outside of Philly. A local bank in that area – Susquehana Bank – had a picture of its banking app on a massive picture of an smartphone screen with the text “Don’t Bank & Drive.” I was mulling that slogan over in my mind for the next five miles.

  4. It’s like magic. Wow.

    I often said in the music education business…no one wants to LEARN guitar, they want to PLAY guitar. Instead of focusing on the amazing package, the 20 discs, the instructor bio, etc. etc….focus on the desired result…playing guitar well.

    • I love your music analogy. I had a marketing professor would said, “Nobody goes to a hardware store to buy a 3/4″ drill bit – they go to the hardware store to buy a 3/4″ hole!”

  5. We should get this benefit with a TV (pausing when falling asleep). I’d get to see more of the shows :)

    This is something that I’m trying to work on with my business. It’s easy for me to highlight the features I’m trying to offer, but I need to flip it and present the benefits more.

      • I’m starting a web design and development business. I plan to help individuals and small business owners build a high quality website so they can simplify their work by making it easier for them to update their sites themselves (or they can pay to have me do it for them), enhance their communication with current and prospective customers, and create a great image for them online. I also plan to help connect them with other sources that can help them simplify other aspects of their business and take their business to the next level.

    • oh, those late nights & early mornings…since my son is only 2, I still clearly have those memories. I think another application of this feature would be a sudden vibration to wake the parent back up, yet subtle enough to let the sleeping baby sleep. I could have used that a few times!

  6. I love this example of the benefits and features aspect of marketing and selling. It gives a very clear illustration of how to present message in an effective manner while also displaying the features of the product indirectly. Have watched this commercial a number of times and had not picked this aspect up. Thanks for pointing it out.

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