Ever since I read Getting Things Done by David Allen, I have been a fan and practitioner of his task management philosophy. However, I occasionally need a refresher. This 20-minute video provides just the ticket. (Thanks to Erik J. Fischer for recommending it.)

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13 thoughts on “The Art of Stress Free Productivity

  1. I cannot recommend this enough. Since I have read his book I have known much less stress in my life and accomplished more than I ever thought possible. Prof. David Pecoraro

  2. Wow!  Great brief intro into what GTD is.  I have heard of it before, but never really knew what it was.  Seems so logical.  Why is it that the logical is so easily overlooked in day to day life?  My curiosity has been piqued.  Just took my first action step and ordered GTD from Amazon.

  3. another good summary from David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology/approach/process is @ http://dolectures.com/lectures/the-mind-is-for-having-ideas-not-holding-them

    Michael, I suspect the Do Lectures in the UK, from which the above video was filmed, might be your sort of conference re attending/speaking

  4. I started implementing GTD about a 18 months ago, and I tell people that it keeps me sane. I’ve recently started using the beta of Zendone which integrates GTD with Evernote and Google Calendar.
    The one thing I’d recommend is to start simple and add complexity as you go.

  5. So simple and true ….get stuff out of your head and onto paper! I couldn’t imagine graduate school (and working, and writing, and being a mom & wife) working out any other way!

    Also love that he looks like he slept in his jacket. He’s so chill :)

    Superior resource here today! Thank you.

  6. I am 75% of the way through reading GTD – this has been life changing for me, thank you for sharing yet another awesome resource!

  7. what an incredible “Now” word of insight and instruction of managing life and not time to produce a peace in a noisy and stormy world. David Allen takes Steve Covey’s Habits and advances it into today’s fast and furious downloading overload of To Do’s into the a new psyche to direct our minds to create great things and solutions again. looking forward to learning more about him and his work. jeffrey paul

  8. Wow! I needed to hear this. I am a stay-at-home mom & student with three kids.  David Allen described my life. This is going to change everything. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. David Allen is one of my trusted mentors. I love his methodology. Highly recommend his books to all your readers!

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