Watch this touching video The Power of Words, to see how changing just a few words can make a dramatic difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Question: Can you think of a time when words have had a major impact on you or on those around you? Share your answer on , , or .

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41 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. That is awesome Michael.

    Your question made me immediately think of the time I realized that the words of leaders are SO incredibly powerful. Beyond what most of us can even imagine.

    I wrote about it here:

    Sorry for the link drop, but that tells the story best.

    I think Hawk Nelson sings it best:

    Words can build you up
    Words can break you down
    Start a fire in your heart or put it out

    (from his song “Words” which echos this theme spot on)

  2. Michael, this brought a tear to my eyes. Our words can bring light and healing. This is why I write. Recently wrote a post about this myself, but this video says it all. What aren’t we seeing?

  3. Michael, it is without a doubt evident, day in and day out that the kindness of others makes a day or breaks it. When a word is offered to tell a story relating to a positive, it draws. The opposite repels.

    A time comes to mind, when sitting and watching my grandbaby daughter who began to explore what the object was, sitting in front of her. She looked at me for approval. At first my response was one of caution and her action reflected it. Then, I spoke to her to say you can and she reached out to pick up the object to investigate and discover the properties of the flashlight.

    As we walk through a day, seeing what is in front of us is where we have to start, in order to share a word that can help. In a digital world where action and response is automated, we easily forget how to pause and engage.

    I will look for an opportunity today to make a difference in a good way. Thanks for pointing this out today.

  4. Sweet video. I remember singing while washing dishes at a summer camp and having someone say, “who sang this song? Why don’t we leave it that way,” a little discouraging to say the least. Then, another colleague said, “no, William, keep on singing, I enjoy it.” The defense was more powerful than the offense.

  5. The words that most consistently lift me up are from my wife when she says she is proud of me and the work I do or when she says she loves watching me be a good dad.

    Either of those two make my day.

  6. Another message from this video: Here is a person who probably has a career in PR or marketing. She sees a need and selflessly uses those God-given gifts and talents to help someone who can never repay her except for a “Thank you!” We should view this as a modern day parable and use our gifts and talents in the same way to help those that God puts in our path.

    • Great point Robert. I had the honor of copyediting the thesis documents and dozens of papers written by the pastor of our previous chuch who was pursuing his Master’s degree. It was a small thing to me since that’s part of what I do for a living, but the pastor was incredibly appreciatived! We can all serve in a variety of ways!

      • I guess this video really resonates with me each time I see it. For people like me trying to break out of the secular world into ministry, opportunities like the one portrayed to use our gifts, talents and experiences to minister to someone is a God-ordained window into our calling.

  7. It is truly amazing what we can accomplish with a few simple seconds of our day to change the tide of perception. The challenges we all face every day can become simple if we share the gifts and talents that we have.

  8. This is a very powerful clip. I use it on a programme I run for offenders and people with substance misuse issues. We talk about how the words we use to describe ourselves impacts teh perception people have. When we use negative terms – I am blind – people don’t connect, but when we create a point of connection there is a chance for empathy and something deeper.

    It’s amazing how such a simple clip can be so profound – to a man and women the guys and girls on the programme are always transfixed.

    And as they realise that they can influence the reaction of others by replacing words and labels with situations – like “I am a criminal” or “I’m an addict” with “I’ve had some chaos and struggle in my life, but I’m beating that back now” – they replace negative sterotypes with common points of connection – everyone has struggles – we know how that feels.

    Plus, by rejecting labels, they move away from becoming that thing – addict, criminal etc.

    As the clip ends – change your words, change your world.

    Words are so very powerful. Tell someone they are inadequate enough times, and they believe it. Tell them they are powerful beyond measure enough times and maybe, just maybe, they will step into the life they were made for.

  9. In fact, just yesterday, I had a visitor surprise me who traveled all the way from Florida to Liberty University to bring me a gift and to tell me that a couple of years ago when she was going through a bitter divorce and at her lowest point, she considered going back to school. She reminded me that I shared words of encouragement with her and told her that rather than waiting for God to tell her to move forward with her education, she should not stop until she knows He is telling her to. She says that today she and her children have started life anew and are doing better than ever!

    She gave me a stone cross with Jeremiah 17:7 on it and a card which read the following:

    “Keith, You are forever in my life story as one of the angels God sent to redirect my thoughts and trust toward Him. I praise God for His timing and words spoken through you, His servant. Thank you for taking the time to pray with me each time you called. You blessed me more than you’ll ever know! You’re one of my heroes!”

  10. Man! I had a lump in my throat at the end! Powerful? That word doesn’t even BEGIN to describe how powerful this video is. Thanks, @mhyatt:disqus!

  11. This video brought a lump to my throat, @mhyatt:disqus! And yes, I can recall a time when words had had a major impact on me… As the father of two daughters (one 20 and in college but who walked out of my life – her choice – six years ago when she was 14 and the other who is 15 – and sees me regularly), I love hearing “I love you, Daddy!” Only two people can say this to me. Haven’t heard my 20-year-old say it since August 7, 2007. And my 15-year-old says “I love you, Dad.” I tell her that saying Daddy really makes my heart leap. But maybe when she gets a little older….? Thanks for sharing.

  12. So true. Words can make all the difference in the world. It can take somebody from one extreme like a hot temper to one that is completely calm and reasonable. Words matter so much and just sucking it up and offering words of encouragement and words of thanks can really turn somebody’s day around.


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  14. The video make a great point, Michael. Words can help us heal, overcome, forgive, spread hope and love, and more.

    I am particularly gearing my content toward “writing as a form of therapy.”

    My new Wednesday series, “Crushed,” is a study of how things that have been crushed will actually lead to new life in the long run.

    My new “Free-for-all Friday” series is for my readers and followers to share their own stories. Floyd Samons started it off yesterday. I’m especially interested in storries in which writing helped people through devastating circumstances.

    I still have my “Monday Morning Shorts” and “Songs for Saturdays” going, too.

    I invite you and your followers over to see what I’m doing with words:

  15. This is such a powerful and compelling message. I read an article this weekend that talked about the power of our words to be used for either good or evil.
    When you consider the atrocities of the Nazi empire – the incredible negative power of words surfaces. Conversely, the positive impact of words is brilliantly showcased in the dozens of speeches delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. to advance the civil rights movement in this country.
    The bottom line is that words matter – a lot!

  16. Thank you for posting this video. Words have power there is no doubt of that. Just by listening to the words other say we can learn a lot about them (the key is to actually listen!)

    I can recall several times in my life when just a few words pulled me through a tough spot or kept me going. Simple words like, “Good job” or “You made a difference”

    I try to make sure my words to others are uplifting and edifying. I am not always successful in this however. When I am not, it’s usually because I allow my self to get in the way.

    Great post…very inspiring.

  17. Reminds me of something I read some years ago, I think by Ernest Holmes, “change your thinking and you change your life.” Ron Greenfield, Aspects of Entertainment

  18. For me some of the most impactful words in my life happened at times when I didn’t need to hear a lot. They were simple words like, “good job” or “hang in there” or “I’m praying for you. At the right moments those kind of words can mean the world.

    It would be interesting to see how this would turn out in real life. In this situation it seems to me the statement “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it” evokes a much more emotional and possibly guilty response than “I’m blind please help”. They are both true statements but one helps you feel the significance of the truth while the other simply states the fact.

  19. The pictures we paint with our words can be incredibly helpful or harmful. It’s amazing when we get help from another person who can help change perspectives, or challenge our perspectives. Thanks for choosing to share this video with your audience.

  20. Dr Osaze, Just a quick update. I had a couple of spells cast on an ex of mine, he was my ex-boyfriend and an ex-business partner so I was doubly hurt. I never wanted to cause him physical harm but wanted him to suffer for what he had done to me. I won’t list the revenge spells that I requested but me and my friend had a good laugh at the final outcome. I did eventually reverse all spells cast on him (yes I felt bad), but not before he had lost pretty much everything and moved in with his mom. Even his dog rejected him. The guy just couldn’t catch a break.
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    ~ Ruth, United States, New York, NY

  21. Very rich content in that video. Words are things of little cost, quickly spoken, quickly lost. We forget them but they stand witnesses at God’s right hand. Author unknown

  22. The choice of one word or the other can make all the difference. Changing “but” to “and” offers encouragement vs discouragement. Are you using your words to edify or to condemn? It is said “The pen is mightier than the sword” Choose your words carefully.


    We think it, we say it, we become it and it becomes our legacy
    The person who spoke the words
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones
    but words will never hurt me”
    Knew not of what they spoke
    While bones may heal, the ill-placed comment inflicts a wound
    Living in the mind of the receiver it remains an open sore
    Repeated by the receiver it becomes a sword
    Lived by the receiver is how they become known
    To come full circle to the legacy they leave
    All by the power of a single spoken word

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