Wanted: Personal Assistant for My Wife, Gail

We want to hire a personal assistant for my wife, Gail. This position will be part-time initially. We’ll be starting at fifteen hours per week and expect it will quickly go to twenty hours per week. It might eventually be a full-time position. We are willing to pay above-market rates for an exceptional person.

The purpose of this role is to free Gail up to do those things which only she can do: for example assist me in our business, write, paint, work on furthering her education, spend time with our children and grandchildren, etc.

Please note that I have referred to this position as a personal assistant rather than an administrative or executive assistant. This is because we don’t want to make a distinction between her professional and personal life. It is basically all the same.

The work will be split between working from your home and working from our home and office. As a result, this cannot be a virtual assistant. It will require your physical presence. Therefore you must live in the Nashville area, preferably in Franklin.

Here is a description of the job and its requirements.


Gail’s personal assistant will be responsible for:

  • Calendar Management: Maintain Gail’s calendar, responding to all meeting requests. Gather relevant background material for meetings and make them easily accessible to Gail (e.g., via Evernote). Confirm all appointments the day before they are scheduled.
  • Inbox Management: Open and screen incoming e-mail (and snail mail), respond on Gail’s behalf when possible, and forward to other family members and associates when appropriate. Forward to Gail only those items that she must personally review or respond to.
  • Other Communication: Write and send thank you notes, retrieve voice mail messages, and make or return phone calls on Gail’s behalf, etc.
  • Errands: Run errands as requested. This will include routinely picking up mail from the post office or UPS, picking up lunch or dinner, taking and picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. (We will reimburse for mileage.)
  • Organizing: Revamp and then maintain the current filing system, help organize storage closets, help plan a more efficient workspace for Gail, etc.
  • Entertaining: Help plan dinners, parties, and holidays. It may also involve booking caterers, decorators, and entertainers or planning menus and making assignments within the family.
  • Purchasing: Research options, make recommendations, and then purchase the item(s). This could be as simple as routine grocery shopping or something more complex like purchasing an appliance.
  • Ad Hoc Research: This could include researching possible trips or vacations, information for blogposts, speeches, etc.

In addition, Gail’s assistant will need to be able to work well with my team.


Candidates for Gail’s personal assistant should:

  1. Be a self-starter, taking initiative, anticipating needs, and getting stuff done.
  2. Have a positive, can-do attitude, not complaining or making excuses.
  3. Possess excellent spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall communication skills (both oral and written).
  4. Be highly organized and detail-oriented, preferably a GTD geek who is also familiar with Evernote.
  5. Demonstrate a professional appearance and attitude.
  6. Maintain grace and poise under pressure.
  7. Be discreet with regard to confidential information.
  8. Be able to juggle multiple tasks and priorities, without becoming frustrated or irritable.
  9. Be highly proficient with a Mac computer.
  10. Have a dependable car and be willing to use it for running errands.
  11. Values Gail’s priorities, including her roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother, and her unique calling as an artist.

If this sounds like you, please email your resume to my assistant, Trivinia, along with your answers to the following seven questions in the body of the email. Please answer each question in one hundred words or less.

  1. Where do you live?
  2. Do you meet all the qualifications I have listed?
  3. Do any of the duties I have described give you pause?
  4. Why are you the ideal candidate?
  5. How would you describe your spiritual journey?
  6. Why do you want this job?
  7. Can you provide three references from former employers if requested to do so?

Thanks for considering this position. We look forward to hearing from you. We will respond to your email within forty-eight hours of receiving it.