WestBow Press Publishing “More Innovative Fiction”

WestBow Press received some great coverage in the March 28 issue of Publishers Weekly. Here are a couple of excerpts worth noting:

Thomas Nelson’s WestBow imprint is quickly gaining a reputation for publishing more innovative CBA fiction. Launched in late 2003, WestBow’s intention from the start was to raise the bar. “Our primary goal isn’t ‘edgy’ fiction but stories with a real, authentic voice that are entertaining, culturally relevant, and God honoring,” said publisher and industry veteran Allen Arnold. “When we find those voices, we don’t shy away from the edgy elements—or sugarcoat them.”

But other publishers continue to do so. Arnold says at least one major CBA publisher maintains a list of subjects that are taboo in its novels. “By asking authors to avoid so many—and often silly—things and asking readers to accept a world that isn’t remotely close to reality, you quickly have fiction that is unbelievable and irrelevant,” he said.

Still, WestBow and other more progressive CBA publishers maintain that their books are solidly grounded in a Christian worldview. “Are there certain lines we won’t cross? Absolutely,” Arnold emphasized. “If we feel a word or scene is gratuitous, then we have no interest in including it. But when you partner with the right authors, this is rarely an issue. The bottom line is, we want our stories to be known more for what they include than for what they delete” (p. S13).

This is wonderful coverage. It makes us all look good. Kudos to Allen Arnold, Ami McConnell, Jenny Baumgartner, and the entire WestBow team. I’m proud of you!

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